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Selling tickets online without any fees for customers

You do have the ability to offer your customers your tickets with no fees.  This would work by absorbing the cost of fees for selling tickets.  Instead of selling tickets and then passing on the fees, the service fee would come out of the face value of the ticket.  By default, the customer will pay the fee on top of the face value unless you select the option to absorb it.

To set your tickets to absorb the fee:

  1. Log into your Purplepass event organizer account
  2. Select Create New Event in the top navigation bar or edit an existing event
Create New Event UPDATE
  1. Go down to the Ticketing Pricing and Options section
This section is where you can add and edit coupon codes.
  1. When you create your ticket types or want to edit an existing one, go into the Options button

Here you will find the option to absorb the fees or to pass it on to the customer

Make sure you save out of this panel at the bottom and update the event before continuing