Do You Need a Boca Printer for Your Next Event?

Purplepass offers full support for all of our Boca printers, but why would event planners want to use them? The Boca printer provides the most reliable, cost effective printing compared to regular printers.

They can eliminate the need for ink, toner, ribbons while being designed to efficiently print a million tickets and then some.

boca printer with printed tickets

So what do event planners use the Boca printer for?

- Labels

- Receipts

- ID Tags

- Barcode tickets

- Pre-print bulk ticket stocks

- General admissions at the door

- Assigned seating tickets

- Durable materials


We recommend these printers to our planners because it can produce anything and everything on high demand. For a more professional, durable ticketing, you can’t go wrong with a Boca printer.

If you are hosting an event outside, or where any possible wear and tear could happen to tickets, I would suggest going with the Boca printer to ensure tickets last throughout the event.

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