Creating an Assigned Seating Plan for a Safer Event Space

Whether you’re hosting events during the coronavirus pandemic, or planning events post-COVID, you should always keep the safety of your guests in mind. 

Our world has been permanently affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 and now people are wondering … will the event space ever be the same? Only time will tell. However, if promoters want the event industry to breath again, events during and post-pandemic need to be organized with caution.

Assigning guests seats at an event is an effective way to maintain their safety throughout the day or evening festivities. 



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Social distancing and the event industry 

The phrase “Social Distancing” has gained traction as one of the most common phrases mentioned throughout our time of COVID. “Six feet apart” and “Practice social distancing” are forever ingrained in our minds, whether we continue to follow it or not. 

a man and woman wearing face mask practicing social distance while seating on the long green chair

But what about social distancing at events? Sounds almost impossible. Well, depending on the event, it’s not too impractical. 

  • Start with a touchless event gate experience - free ebook download 
  • Follow safety protocols throughout your event - free guide download
  • Create one-way traffic and crowd control procedures 
  • Follow an assigned seating safety plan (keep reading)



Assigned seating safety plan

The point of switching from assigned seating to general admission is to give the promoter full control in managing social distancing and placing guests in optimal, risk-free seats. 

a theater with social distancing measures

1. Determining your capacity

Before you can start selling tickets, you need to set your capacity. Although your venue might hold a lot of seats, capacity should be cut in half and then some. Determine what is considered a safe capacity for your event that allows you to properly space out your guests. 


2. Control the distance

Now that your capacity is set, you have your venue map, you’ll need to determine what seats will be available to the public.

It’s recommended that guests sit every other or every few other seats apart plus every other row. 

The only exception to this would be people attending the event together and family members. If they make one purchase together, they can select seats together. 


3. Communicate your seat safety plan

If you’re using Purplepass, you can add custom notes on seats or throughout your event page for full transparency.

Explain why these safety procedures are being put in place and leave notes on seats if needed. If guests understand why these new conditions are being used (for their own safety and health) they’ll come to appreciate the extra precautions put in place for their well-being. 


4. Update your terms and conditions

After selecting their seats, make sure your terms and conditions have been updated to reflect these changes before checkout. Meaning, guests need to agree to and acknowledge your event changes in order to avoid any surprises or upsets come event time. 

“Why can’t I change my seat?”

“Can I sit in that empty chair over there?”

“Can we share a seat?”

Address your assigned seating policies and rules in your terms to avoid unnecessary questions at the event. 

terms and conditions during the event. Items Not Allowed and Additional Information


Purplepass assigned seating features

Before you start building out your seating safety plan, you’ll need to design your venue map. Message to start building your custom venue map for free. 

What features can you expect when using Purplepass’ assigned seating?

  • Support for curves, isles, rows, booths, tables
  • Additional images, graphics, logos and sponsors can be added
  • Color coded sections and icons
  • Ability to indicate pricing depending on the section or seat
  • Previews of your stage from each chair (upload photos of the stage)
  • Handicap support 



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