Create Your Instagram Ticket Giveaway in Less Than a Minute

It’s no secret that social media is one of the most powerful tools in any marketing campaign’s arsenal. One of the most effective strategies to promote interest and gain followers is to host a giveaway.

Not only are you able to gain followers, but you can also direct traffic to your email marketing campaign as well as create more leads. But first, learning how to properly host a giveaway is the key!


Preparing for your Instagram giveaway

In order to be effective with your giveaway, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you can begin.

1. First, you want to determine what the goal of the giveaway

Are you simply trying to gain followers?

Are you trying to direct individuals to sign up for emails, or do you want them to learn more about your product or service and potentially make a purchase right away?

Once you iron out the goal of the campaign, you can then decide what to offer for the giveaway. 


2. Make sure that you can afford the prize you intend to give away or the outcome of your objective outcome is projected to be of higher value than the prize itself.

It helps if you are going to give something in your current inventory or a service you have to offer to cut costs while advertising a product/service.

This will help promote interest in your brand and help prevent the need to spend money on an additional item.

Once you decide on the prize, you can then begin with the next step, which is promoting the giveaway. 



How to get people interested in your giveaway

1. Great effort should be put into creating visibility for the giveaway.

You don’t want to over-promote on your social media accounts, but you want to have a regular schedule for making posts or a planned timeline for every time you will advertise this contest.


2. You should also determine how long you want the giveaway promotion to last?

On average, brands usually choose between 2 to 4 weeks to help get the word out without taking too long to execute the giveaway.

If you don’t give it long enough, you won’t have enough time to gain interest with a wide audience, too long and people will lose interest in the giveaway. 


3. Have a fun and exciting marketing campaign set up for the giveaway.

Simply posting about it isn’t enough. People want to be excited and intrigued by the posts. Think humor or eye-catching photos, videos, and themes.

What do you find is an attention-getter when you are browsing social media in your spare time?

It helps to put yourself in the shoes of the everyday social media browser.

You can even incorporate the help of friends to give you a better perspective and feedback on your ideas.

Once the time comes to do the actual giveaway, try to do a live feed or post the winner in real time to draw people to your account.

Don’t forget to shine the spotlight on your brand while you have their attention. If you have a large audience for the giveaway, you may want to have a plan to do another giveaway in the near future to gain the interest in the future. 

Creating your giveaway guidelines

 Every contest or challenge comes with rules of course, especially when promoting on Instagram.

Below are all the rules you need to understand and follow before starting your contest.

1. Include the name of the company hosting the giveaway

2. Include all dates of when the contest will start and end down to the last minute

3. Include how you enter the contest (like, follow, share etc.)

4. Are there any participation restrictions such as age? You need to include that as well

5. How will the giveaway be conducted? Announced live? Emailed? How will the prize be delivered?


Here is a great example of a giveaway that included all the information above in a short text. Following these strategies will help you host your giveaway more effectively and economically. Marketing strategies should be focused on the budget and bang for the buck.

Let your creativity be the vehicle for drawing in your target audience. For more information about effective marketing, subscribe below.

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