Boost Event Conversions With These 4 Check Out Questionnaires

When looking to increase your conversion rate and boost revenue, it’s necessary to take customer feedback into account. The last thing you want to do is distract a customer from making a purchase as you try to collect valuable information.

However, it is possible to do so with these different check out questionnaires that every event planner can use. The different questionnaires you can use will depend on your event and the purchase the customer is going to be making.

check out questionnaires


Type 1: Asking a Question

This type of questionnaire is important, especially if you are selling merchandise. For example, when selling T-shirts to a customer, you can ask about the size and color of each shirt needed. You can ask a question about anything.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be about merchandise if you need the answer to help with the fulfillment of the order.


Selling Merchandise with Purplepass

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Type 2: Surveys or Polls

A survey check out questionnaire will help you learn more about your audience, their needs and what they want from your event.

When asking questions, be sure to stay objective and tailored. Here are examples of the types of survey questions that are effective at checkout. 


“What do you think of the purchasing process?”

"What are you most excited about for our event?"

"How did you hear about this event?"

"Did you invite any friends?"

"Is this your first time attending?"


These are all questions you can use to gather information from your guests in regards to your event and upcoming ones. 


Type 3: Conditional Questionnaires

This type of questionnaire triggers another set of questions based on what was answered in the previous question.

For example, you could ask about how they heard about the event. If one of the answers is “Other,” you can have another question that will allow them to explain where they heard about the event.

These other conditional questions only appear if necessary, based on responses to other questions. This can be a good way to get all the questions you need answered without having to annoy certain guests by asking questions that aren’t relevant to them.


Type 4: Refer a Friend 

Instead of questions, you can turn the questionnaire into a submission form to share with a friend or family member.

For example ask, “Do you want to share your purchase?” or “Do you want to invite a friend?” This benefits you with free marketing and getting the word out about your event without you really having to do anything.



Create Custom Check Out Questionnaires

With Purplepass, you can create custom questionnaires to
survey your guests when they are purchasing tickets.
This is a great way to gather demographic information or
survey their experience.

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