7 Effective Landing Page Templates for Your Event

Before we dive in, you need to know what a landing page is. Well, it is rather quite simple - and incredibly common.

A landing page is essentially a home page for your site that serves as a stepping stone for your visitor to explore your site and business in more detail. The job of the landing page is to make an impact and draw visitors in, acting like a guide in moving them further into your site and services.landing page examples

As you can imagine, a powerful landing page is more than optimal, it is essential.

In this modern age, you are competing with countless other websites looking to steal away your visitors and their loyalty. A great landing page will suck them in and keep them around for a while.

In order to build an effective lander, we've complied a list of some of the best landing page templates available. Our list is below and there are even more options here for all your landing page needs. 

The job of a landing page is to: 

  • Attract views
  • Generate traffic
  • Establish what you sell and offer right away 
  • Make a powerful statement 
  • Present easy-to-reach information 
  • Make a first impression that hooks in visitors, convincing them to explore more


Here are some helpful templates that can help you stick the landing. 




OnePro is a terrific choice for your landing page template because it has everything you need all in one place. This template allows for multiple sections that offer several options for your visitor.

Do you want to show them products? Testimonials? Pricing? With OnePro, all of those are laid out easily and gorgeously. 


Quantum is a powerful and gorgeous landing page template that is perfect for small businesses. It lays everything out clearly and cleanly and feels very crisp and modern.

You can showcase pricing plans and brilliant imagery right on your landing page, thanks to Quantum. It is a great introduction to any business or site. 


If you are making a website that can compete with others, you need to make it mobile-friendly. In this day and age, all sites need to work on any sort of device. With James, you can create a landing page that works on both the large and small screen.

It automatically crops images, converts fonts, and transforms depending on the device it is being viewed on. This is a breeze to customize, install, and look at. 

Minimalist Portfolio and Studio

If your site is all about images and art, look at the Minimalist Portfolio and Studio landing page. This template is like a portfolio on the internet and will expertly and gorgeously show off all of your art in one place.

It is a great way to introduce your visitors to your style and personality in just seconds. It will leave an immediate impact and will set the tone for the rest of your site. 


With Orbit, you can create a landing page that showcases your most important product: you. This is an ideal landing page for anyone who is doing freelance work and wants to advertise themselves more than a tangible product.

Essentially, you can create a little profile for yourself with Orbit. You can inform the world of your qualities and skills and you can do it all with wonderful design and style, thanks to this handy and intuitive landing page template. 


The thing about Jackson that is so neat is that it is a landing page and an entire website, all in one. This powerful and modern landing page can contain all the information you need when you are creating a personal website.

It can act as your entire site, and that is a great idea when you are trying to grab a visitor’s attention and bring in business. The Jackson template is like a business card for the modern age and it looks and works fantastically. 


The Restaurant Template is a great way to show off delicious meals, wonderful prices, and the atmosphere and personality of your restaurant. The page is easy to install and configure and has all you need to invite guests to your eatery.

You can create sections for your menu, showcase your staff, make reservations, and display your best dishes. These things can be accessed from this landing page. It is like a welcome mat for new restaurant guests. 


Andrian Valeanu

Author: Andrian Valeanu

Andrian Valeanu is a web designer and indie maker. His interests include but not limited to information technologies, web design, and email marketing.

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