6 Tips for a Germ-Free Independence Day Party

Although our extensive battle against the coronavirus still has no end in sight, we remain only human. With holidays coming up, it’s hard to follow all the safety protocols and guidelines put in place for COVID-19, especially when it involves fireworks, family and holiday foods!

Hosting a safe Fourth of July celebration, whether it be local, family only or a state event, can still be possible by following all the event planning ideas and tips below. 



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1. Reduce your group size or monitor capacity 

Whether it’s a gathering with friends or a local fireworks show, hosts need to limit the number of people that attend. Only invite10 people MAX if hosting at your house or if you’re working with a venue, keep a low capacity within the space; first come, first let in. 

gathering of a group of people that eating and talking

Even though it may be an outdoor event for watching fireworks, guests need to maintain space between one another. If you invite or involve too many people, the task of social distancing might not be so achievable. 


2. Make everything throwaway

This can be very upsetting for anyone trying to preserve our planet and reduce waste, but throwaway items seem to work the best for germ reduction. 

  • Cups

  • Plates

  • Utensils 

For example, a throwaway plate is usually a paper plate that is used once for food and then thrown away.

No extra exchanges are needed to collect, wash and put the plate away for later use. Throwaway items reduce the number of exchanges people make between each other, staff and volunteers at events.
yellow paper plates with design and pink color background

However, if you’re like me, you cringe at plastic products and mass waste at events. So here are a few event planning ideas for running a germ-free environment while not contributing to so much waste. 

  • Have guest bring reusable water bottles and offer a touchless water-fill station

  • Offer paper plates over plastic 

  • Give guests their own cup to keep as a souvenir at the beginning of the event. They can mark their names on it and get touchless refills from staff or bartenders.

  • Minimize the amount of food served at your event so you don’t need so much material such as utensils, napkins, etc.

3. Provide healthy snacks that boost the immune system

If you will have food at your event, why not make offer healthy options? Germs, viruses, pathogens, carcinogens can easily make their ways into our bodies, especially if our immune system is impaired or weak.

Now more than ever we need to be taking care of our bodies and create a strong foundation for fighting off the coronavirus. 

There is no better way to support your immune system and fighter cells than with healthy food! 
different healthy nuts to boost immune systemHere are some ideas of the type of snacks you can offer that support the immune system: 

  • Packs of seeds and nuts

  • Greek yogurt cups

  • Fruit bowls (kiwi, berries, grapes, oranges, etc.)

  • Dark chocolate desserts

  • Hummus and celery packets 



4. Require masks unless everyone has been tested

Sounds a little crazy to ask that family and friends wear masks around each other, we all know everyone is okay right?


The virus doesn’t show symptoms in everyone. Masks are suggested to be worn in case you have the virus and don’t know it in order to avoid the passing of it. So you might feel 100% healthy and clear of the virus, but you can never be sure unless tested and you definitely wouldn’t want to be the one that gave grandpa COVID.

Wear a mask. 

5. Try sticking to outdoor event venues

Get outdoors and take in the fresh air. Most Independence Day events are outdoors anyway because of the anticipated fireworks show at the end, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

a happy couple attending Independence day events with other people smiling on their back

Outdoor venues are always a better idea than inside, so people can practice social distancing and get fresh air instead of recycled. 

If you need to shade or escape the heat, use a canopy, inside a garage, gazebo, etc. There are plenty of ways to stay protected from the sun while staying outside to avoid close contact and shared air.

6. Serve your food rather than buffet-style

Buffets are where germs like to hang out. 

Think about all the interactions that happen at a buffet. People serve themselves, meaning not everyone is going to have proper buffet etiquette. They could drop the serving utensils, grab food then put it back if they took too much, use their hands, sneeze or cough by the dishes, touch multiple plates, utensils, etc. I could easily keep going. 

Rather host this infectious pathogenic platter, serve your guests. Eliminate all the unnecessary exchanges that happen at buffets and stick with a one-exchange serving system.



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