6 Easy Ways to Avoid Lost or Stolen Tickets at an Event Gate

Having event attendees with lost or stolen tickets at the event gate is more common than you think it is. With so much ticket fraud out there, you want to make sure that your guests are getting the right experience and your tickets aren’t being ripped off.



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1. Use Physical Tickets

If you are using physical tickets, make sure that you can put as many security measures as possible on the ticket. This includes serial numbers, barcodes, patterns, and sequential tracking.

ticket serial number inside red box

two red arrows pointing to ticket pattern

ticket hologram inside red box

The more security measures you have, the better, because physical tickets can get lost in the mail or even stolen at the box office.

Other security measures you can use for your physical tickets include holograms, gloss mark printing, UV security printing, and heat-sensitive security paper.


2. Go Digital

By going digital, it’s much easier to make sure your tickets aren’t stolen or lost in the mail. Digital tickets are a more secure practice. There are several benefits of digital tickets besides just security.

The convenience of not having to carry around a ticket makes the whole process of buying and attending the event much easier.


barcode scanning animation

You also don’t need to worry about any printing costs. Printing costs can add up, especially as you need more technology on your physical tickets to prevent the issues.

Digital tickets are also dynamic, which means they can be updated with new information in the lead up to the event or as a reminder the day before.


3. Urge Guests to Purchase Tickets at your Event Website

To prevent your attendees from having any issues with tickets, it’s best to encourage them to purchases their tickets directly from the event website.

It’s always a best practice to avoid any scalpers or third-party websites but always remind your guests.



4. Do Multiple Check-Ins

Do different check-ins so you can verify that the guest picking up the ticket is in fact who they say there are.

For example, you can ask for ID and the credit card that was used to purchase the ticket. When doing multiple check-ins, be sure to let your guests know ahead of time so they know what to bring for verification. 

This way there are no surprises when checking in and they actually bring an ID or credit card as needed.

It may seem slightly annoying for guests but let them know it’s the best way for a secure check-in.



5. Make Tickets Unable to Photocopy

Use special patterns or QR codes to make tickets unable to be photocopied. A lot of the security measures you should be using on your physical tickets can make them harder to photocopy.

Be sure to choose your security measures wisely.

a sample Purplepass ticket



6. Use Registration with High Tech Security

Your online registration should also have security measures to prevent tickets from getting into the wrong hands, whether the tickets are physical or digital.

This can include a login after purchase, confirmation page, email verification and more. 


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