40 Unique Attractions to Make Your Oktoberfest Unforgettable!

The world-renowned Oktoberfest is a rich blend of Bavarian culture, hearty food, delicious beer, and lively entertainment. But it's more than just beer tents and traditional costumes; the festival offers numerous attractions that can appeal to a wide range of visitors.

If you're an event planner looking to host an Oktoberfest celebration, dive into this guide for attraction ideas that will make your event the talk of the town!


Traditional Bavarian Rides

Step into the heart of Bavaria without leaving your town! As the crisp autumn air mingles with the sound of lively polka and the aroma of hearty bratwurst, elevate the Oktoberfest experience with rides that capture the true essence of the tradition. 

  • Bavarian Bumper Cars: Bumper cars are styled after classic German automobiles, giving them a unique Oktoberfest twist.

  • Alpine Mini Roller Coaster: A small-scale coaster designed to replicate the experience of racing down the German Alps.

  • Pretzel Twist: A spinning ride where the cars are shaped like iconic pretzels.

  • Bratwurst Rocket: Vertical drop rides or small shot-n-drop towers themed after the popular German sausage.

  • Oktoberfest Log Flume: Water rides where the logs are beer barrels, ending with a splash in 'beer' (yellow-tinted water).

  • Bavarian Boat Ride: A calm water ride through scenes depicting Bavarian landscapes, traditions, and Oktoberfest celebrations.

  • Hops Hopper: A bouncy ride for kids, themed around hops used in brewing.

  • Lederhosen Slide: Giant slides where the mats resemble lederhosen or dirndls.

  • Beer Stein Spin: A teacup-style ride, but with large beer mugs as the spinning containers.

  • Schnitzel Swing: A larger-scale swing ride where participants feel like they're flying over the Bavarian countryside.


Specialty Booths

As the festive spirit of Oktoberfest takes over, you can use specialty booths to deepen the attendees' connection to Bavaria. Whether you're looking to capture a memory, take home a slice of the fest, or engage in traditional fun, offer diverse array of booths promises to add both flavor and fun to your Oktoberfest. Booths could include: 

  • Photo Booths: With props like lederhosen, dirndls, beer mugs, and Bavarian hats.
  • Souvenir Stalls: Selling Oktoberfest memorabilia like beer steins, magnets, and festival shirts.
  • Traditional Bavarian Craft Booth: Highlighting crafts like cuckoo clocks, wood carvings, and handmade jewelry.
  • Strongman Games: Like Hau den Lukas, where participants hammer a lever to ring a bell.


Beer Gardens and Tasting Booths

Embrace the essence of Oktoberfest with a frothy Stein in hand and joy in your heart! At the very core of this age-old celebration lies the rich tradition of brewing — a blend of art, science, and passion. Beer Gardens and Tasting Booths invite attendees to journey through a liquid history, from the legendary beers of Munich to the innovative flavors of local artisans. 

  • Traditional Beer Tents: Serving famous Munich beers.
  • Craft Beer Booths: Highlighting local breweries and their takes on Bavarian brews.
  • Beer Tasting Sessions: Educate visitors about different beer types, brewing processes, and tasting notes.


Gastronomical Delights

Oktoberfest is not just a feast for the senses, but a banquet for the soul. From the succulent bite of bratwurst to the comforting embrace of a warm pretzel, let your guests' taste buds waltz through a symphony of flavors. Food ideas could include: 

  • Bratwurst Stations: Serving these delicious German sausages with sauerkraut.
  • Pretzel Stalls: Offering soft, oversized pretzels with various toppings and dips.
  • Roasted Almonds Booth: A sweet treat to balance the savory.


Cultural Presentation Booths

Cultural Presentation Booths are dedicated windows into the soul of Bavaria, presenting its arts, rhythms, and melodies in their full glory. Let attendees witness the delicate dance of wood under a craftsman's chisel, feel the pulse of traditional dances, and let the resonant chords of German music transport them to the heart of Oktoberfest. 

  • Log Carving Demonstrations: Skilled artisans showcasing the Bavarian art of wood carving.
  • Traditional Dance Performances: Including Schuhplattler, where dancers stomp, clap, and slap their shoes and thighs.
  • German Music Bands: Playing folk tunes and Oktoberfest hits.


Games and Competitions

Oktoberfest isn't just about sipping beer and savoring treats — it's also a time for camaraderie, challenges, and cheerful competition. Whether you're showcasing your strength in a stein-holding contest, racing with barrels, or aiming for that perfect pretzel loop, there are plenty of games to get attendees into the spirit. 

  • Dirndl & Lederhosen Relay: Participants wear traditional Bavarian clothing and race to a finish line, but they must stop at intervals to complete tasks like drinking a non-alcoholic beverage or dancing a few steps of a folk dance.

  • Sausage Toss: A twist on bean bag toss, but with soft toy sausages.

  • Beer Pong Bavaria: The classic college game with an Oktoberfest twist. Use non-alcoholic beer for family-friendly events.

  • Alpine Hat Ring Toss: Large alpine hats serve as the targets in this unique version of ring toss.

  • Bavarian Waiter Race: Participants carry a tray with six beer steins filled with water and race to the finish line trying not to spill a drop.

  • Accordion Hero: Based on the popular Guitar Hero game, participants try to play along with German folk songs on a toy accordion.

  • Yodeling Contest: For the brave souls willing to yodel their hearts out.

  • Bierkrugstemmen (Beer Mug Slide): Slide beer mugs across a long table, aiming to get them to stop within a marked zone without falling off.

  • Oktoberfest Trivia: Test participants' knowledge of Bavarian culture, history, and Oktoberfest traditions.

  • Schnitzel Slap: A balloon-popping game where participants use a soft bat (or a giant spatula) to smack balloons with Oktoberfest-related words on them.


Kid-Friendly Zones

Kid-friendly zones ensure that little revelers experience the magic of Bavarian culture in ways that are engaging, safe, and age-appropriate. From delightful rides designed just for their size to vibrant face-painting booths that transform them into Bavarian princes and princesses, there's endless fun awaiting them. 

  • Mini Rides: Tailored for kids.
  • Face Painting Booths: With Bavarian themes, of course.
  • Puppet Shows: Depicting German folklore and fairy tales.


Learning Corners

Dive deeper into the rich tapestry of Oktoberfest with our curated Learning Corners, designed to offer guests more than just the customary revelry. Here, entertainment and education intermingle seamlessly and you can offer events or booths such as: 

  • History of Oktoberfest Booth: Trace back to the origins of this grand festival.
  • Brewing Workshops: Dive deep into the art and science of beer making.
  • German Language Classes: Teach basic words and Oktoberfest-specific phrases.
  • German Cuisine Workshops: Discover the secrets behind iconic Bavarian dishes, from preparing pretzels to mastering the art of making sauerbraten.


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Oktoberfest, with its rich traditions and vivacious spirit, offers event planners a vast canvas to paint their unique celebration. By incorporating a mix of traditional attractions and innovative additions, you can ensure an unforgettable experience for attendees. Prost to planning an Oktoberfest that's brimming with Bavarian charm!

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