The Winslow Gin Club!

New York City is a place of endless possibilities and opportunity, followed by expensive rent, bills, climbing the corporate ladder, and being forced to join in with the hustle and bustle of the buzzing streets. It can be overwhelming, and I bet by the end of the week you’re going to be ready for a nice cold drink. What about gin? Or even better, the Gin Bar??

Thethe winslow logo Winslow is the world's #1 Gin Bar on 14th Street, between 2nd & 3rd avenue. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long weekend with a large food menu to choose from, cocktails galore, and of course gin!

Their recurring event, Gin Club, starts at 7 pm on selected Tuesdays. Their goal is to bring the gin spirits of the past to New York City by inviting distilleries to teach you about their gin, the best pairings, with various tastings to try. With the Gin Club, you receive a welcome cocktail, of course, the moment you walk in where you can select the gin of the evening. Later, you are taught how to make two separate cocktails of which you drink as well as the passing hors-d'oeuvres. Sounds like my kind of club!


So why gin? Gin usually lacks fond memories and is greatly misunderstood by almost everyone. The Winslow wants to introduce the unique properties gin has to offer and it’s complex flavors complimentary for your palate.

The Winslow serves gin in a special way, with different spices, dried fruit, and adding various combinations to their gin and tonics and gin specialty cocktails.

winslow gin

The Winslow boasts over 40 different styles and brands of gin.  Each is hand selected and available with a specialty tonic, specialty pairing or even many of our specialty cocktails. Gin is special, and they want each customer leaving feeling the same way. If you are at all still on the fence as to whether or not gin is for you, stop in and be convinced.

Purplepass Ticketing makes becoming a gin club member easily accessible through The Winslow website or through Purplepass representatives. Everyone has the option to print their tickets at home or receive them at will call, there is something for everyone.

“I use purple pass consistently. It's user-friendly and allows for such an easy setup. Payment is easy for customers and also easy to receive on our end. When you're doing a million things, it's nice to have one less thing to worry about.” - Cait Moorhead, The Winslow General Manager.

Follow The Winslow on social media, or check out their event calendar online and never miss another gin club again because we all need a little gin in our lives.


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