On A Budget? Here Are 7 Free Ways to Promote Your Event

If you have a budget for promoting here is a list of free ways you can market a successful event that is entirely free!

Social Media: A lot of promoters use these platforms for paid promotions and campaigns, but you can promote your event without paying for ads too. Build your followers through photos, behind the scene videos of your event in the making or highlights from last years event. Post good reviews or video testimonies from previous activities. If your content is eye-catching, unique and authentic to your brand, you may be able to promote a successful event without ever paying for an ad.


Facebook Event: A Facebook event is separate from a Facebook page. This is an event you can add to your calendar and use to notify users of upcoming events. You can make this open or private, depending on your event. You can invite friends, encourage others to share it and create group members. Use this as a tracking tool to see who is planning on attending, who is interested and any discussion feeds people may have started.


Giveaways: Free tickets or any merchandise for your event is always an easy, fun way to get your audience involved. Everyone loves free stuff, that's a given! Encourage your followers to like, share, or follow your page, maybe all three, and be entered in your giveaway. This is a fast way to get people looking at your page, interacting with your event and interested in what you have to say.


Traditional: We live in a digital age, but don’t forget about traditional ways of advertising. Paper flyers, posters, newspaper, etc.; step back from your computer screen and look to your community on the streets. Post your event flyers inaccessible areas where your target audience hangs out, go to your community listings to advertise your event or even pass out cards about your event at favorite venues.




Word of Mouth: Don’t forget all your social media posts, flyers, and other advertisements are going to get people talking about your event ... to other people! Word of mouth is still one of the most potent ways an event is promoted. Whatever you're advertising give people something to talk about!


Email and Newsletters: There are plenty of email services you can use for free, especially if you are a small business. Check out our blog on “Purplepass Integrations: Free or Cheap Pricing Plans to Grow Your Event” to see the different email services that you can use to promote your event.


Event Page: Creating an event page whether it be a Facebook page or website, is a must when promoting an event. Having a page is the foundation for your followers to get all the information they need about your event. WordPress is one of the better platforms to run your website, best part they offer a free plan!


creating an event page

Where do event organizers go?

What resources do they use?

What types of advertisements do they turn to?


This is our quick master guide on the resources event organizers use to promote their events.


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