That Pizza You're Eating Could Be Funding Kids' Instruments

You will eat mouthwatering barbecue ribs anytime, anywhere. You might feel guilty about it, but you will eat them. Now, thanks to the Taste of Temecula Valley food festival, you won't feel sinful regardless of how many ribs you wolf down -- and you won't feel guilty when you’re explaining your gluttony.

“I ate ribs for the children in the community,” you can tell your spouse. “I ate juicy filet mignon so the students of Temecula, Calif., can have more art supplies. The pizza I ate, one scrumptious slice after another, was so they could have more musical instruments. The sweet wine I was sipping was strictly for science students.”

Normally, your nose would grow after such seemingly ludicrous statements, but the Temecula Education Foundation's work has made the statements accurate. During the festival's six years, the foundation has distributed about $100,000 of the event's revenues to the Temecula Valley Unified School District's performing arts, science, and visual arts programs, a local newspaper reported. There are 27,700 students in the district's 32 grammar, middle, and high schools. In 2016, the foundation awarded more than $26,000 in grants to 62 educators. This website lists what the grants funded.

Last year’s Taste of Temecula Valley had about 80 food and beverage vendors. Visitors could eat cuisine from numerous nations. Children’s activities were also available. The 2017 Taste of Temecula Valley will be Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29. Purplepass will sell tickets to the event at this website.


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