New Flex Pass Feature Puts Customers In Control

Our new flex pass allows customers to choose their own custom combination of events for their pass.

This works great if you have multiple events or different shows within a season and you want your customers to have the ability to customize which shows are in their package. For example,  you wanted to allow customers to choose any 2 shows out of your 3 total events, this allows them that freedom! First go to Create New Event, and select the Create & Manage Passes button.

Under Passes & Packages fill in the fields below including: Name of pass, Price, QTY (Quantity) and description. Once those are filled out click the box to enable Flex Pass option.


Here is an example of a flex pass filled out so that the customer may only choose 2 options out of the 3 possible events. Make sure to click Create Pass/Package to complete the process.


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