Admin Features You Will Love!

Ticket Transfer

Do you often have customers looking to change their date or exchange their tickets for a different show? You now have the ability to transfer tickets from one event to another easily through your account.  To transfer a customer's order from one event to another, go to Search Orders, find their order, and click the "Transfer" link under the Actions column.


Ability to define non-inventory items and filter stats on homepage to hide non-inventory 

Ticket types classified as non-inventory items will not count towards ticket inventory or venue capacity. You have the ability to view non-inventory sales separate from total sales figures right from your homepage. This is particularly handy if you want to try and sell add-on items besides a ticket or festival pass, i.e. drink & food. This is especially great for selling merchandise or meet and greets.


New option under ticket type options panel to hide coupon field if no currently valid discounts are available

If you have patrons hammering you all the time for discounts and coupons with special promotions codes, but want an easy way to say there are no discounts available for this event. Then when you  have no coupon codes active for your event, you have the ability to automatically hide the coupon code field box on the check out screen.


New option to automatically show tickets available at door when online sales end

Have a show that didn't sell out and you still have tickets available at the door? Now we have an easy way for you to show that there is still more inventory! Once your online sales have concluded you now have the ability to display a message that reads "tickets will be available at the door".

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