15 Interactive Event Ideas for Multi-Day Festivals

If you're planning a multi-day festival, it's important to offer a variety of events and activities to keep attendees engaged and entertained throughout the duration of the event.

Here are some ideas for events you can host at a multi-day festival:


  1. Beer Gardens: Beer gardens are a classic feature of multi-day festivals. They provide a casual atmosphere where attendees can socialize and sample local and regional beers.

  2. Competitions/Tournaments: Depending on the theme of your festival, you could host a variety of competitions and tournaments, such as cornhole, spike ball, volleyball, soccer, or even video game tournaments.

  3. Bake-Offs: If your festival has a food focus, a bake-off competition could be a great addition. Invite local bakers to submit their best-baked goods, and have attendees vote on their favorites.

  4. Concerts: Music is a big draw for festivals. Plan a lineup of local and regional musicians, and promote the concerts well in advance to attract attendees.

  5. Luncheons/Dinners/Taste Events: Food is another big draw for festivals. Offer special events focused on specific cuisines or types of food, such as a barbecue cook-off or a wine and cheese tasting.

  6. Talent Shows: Give festival attendees a chance to showcase their talents with a talent show. You could have separate categories for music, comedy, and other types of performances or offer an enticing prize for participation.

  7. Guest Speakers/Breakout Groups: Consider inviting guest speakers to give talks on topics related to the theme of your festival. You could also offer breakout sessions for attendees to dive deeper into specific topics.


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  8. Dance Parties: Host a dance party or two to get attendees up and moving. You could even offer dance classes earlier in the day to teach attendees the latest moves.

  9. Parades: A parade is a great way to showcase the local community and get attendees involved. Consider inviting local organizations and businesses to participate in the parade.

  10. Specialty Sports: Depending on the theme of your festival, you could offer specialty sports events, such as a rock climbing competition, a slacklining event, or a stand-up paddleboarding race.

  11. Outdoor Movie Screenings: Host an outdoor movie screening at night. This is a great way to get attendees to wind down after a long day of activities.

  12. Workshops: Offer workshops on various topics related to your festival theme. For example, if your festival is focused on sustainability, you could offer workshops on composting, gardening, or reducing waste.

  13. Art Exhibits: Showcase the work of local artists with an art exhibit. You could also offer art workshops or classes for attendees to get hands-on experience.

  14. Kids' Activities: Make sure to include activities for kids, such as face painting, crafts, or a scavenger hunt.

  15. Wellness Activities: Offer wellness activities such as yoga classes, guided meditation sessions, or a 5k race.


By offering a variety of events and activities at your multi-day festival, you can create an engaging and memorable experience for attendees. Make sure to promote your events well in advance and provide clear schedules so attendees know what to expect.

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