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Require the customer to buy a certain number of tickets to receive a discount

You can define how many tickets a discount/coupon code will be valid for that can be used for group ticketing. For example, a customer must buy at least 3 tickets to receive a group discount at checkout.

There are two ways to set up group discount ticket packages for your event’s registration.

Option 1

  1. Log in to your Purplepass event organizer dashboard
  2. Select Create New Event on the top navigation bar or edit an existing event
  1. Find the section Ticket Pricing and Options
  2. When creating your ticket types, you will see an Options button to the right of the page
  1. Click the button, and a pop-up window will appear on the screen
  2. In the Advanced Options window, halfway down the page in bold lettering, there is a sentence Customer must buy at least ___ tickets
  1. Enter the desired number in the box to set your minimum
  2. Below there is another sentence in bold; Customer cannot buy more than ___ tickets ____ NOTE: this option can be per event or per order.
  1. Enter the appropriate information in the fields provided. NOTE: you have the option to include packages and season passes toward the limit you set. This option means this ticket type found within any packages or season passes will count towards its overall limit.

    For example, if you have limited VIP to 4 per customer. If they purchased 3 Meet & Greet packages which already included a VIP ticket, then the customer would only be able to purchase 1 additional VIP ticket on its own. This ensures an overall limit per customer, regardless if they purchase individually or as a part of a package.
  1. Finish entering any details in the pop-up box
  2. Click the Update Options button at the bottom of the page to finish and save your changes 

Option 2

You can use promo codes to offer group discounts for tickets. 

  1. Go to the bottom of the Ticket Pricing and Options section when editing or creating a new event
  2. Find the box that is titled Coupon Codes
  3. Click the “+” to add promo codes
  1. A pop-up box will appear titled Create Coupon Code