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Changing the “Buy Ticket” button

If you would like to change the “buy ticket” button the customer selects to purchase tickets from the default text “Buy Tickets” to something custom, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard
  2. Edit an existing event or select “Create New Event” in the top navigation menu
Create New Event UPDATE
  1. Select “Create One Time Event” when the pop-up carousel appears. NOTE: If you have a current event, hit “Edit” on that event to get to this same place
  1. Enter the event’s information until you reach the “Additional Options” section
  2. At the bottom of the section, check the box labeled “Use custom text for ‘Buy Tickets’ buttons and links”
  1. Enter the desired text in the box appearing below. NOTE: this verbiage change applies throughout the system where your event appears.