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Best practices for marketing an event to create better visibility

There are a few best practices for marketing an event. Below are some strategies you can take on when promoting your event that are commonly used by our event promoters that get successful results. 

  1. First do your research. Know who your target market is, demographics, where your audience hangs out and how to connect with them.
  2. Posting and sharing consistently to social media (ticket giveaways, tagging performers and special guests, posting images, videos, and running promotional ads).
  3. If you have an event website, use our ticket widget tool to incorporate our ticket platform within your website. This eliminates customers having to go through multiple pages before checking out.
  4. Offer early bird discounts using our promo codes tool. Create promo codes only available for a limited time, pre-sale. This not only gets people purchasing tickets early, but allows your marketing team to get a better idea, early-on, of who is purchasing tickets.
  5. Post to event discovery sites! Purplepass automatically syncs your event to Eventful and Evensi so people in your area can find the event easier.
  6. Include a URL to tickets in your email signature, website, blog, and any other spot you can share it.
  7. Form a partnership or get event sponsors. Sponsors are often used to compensate for a limited budget, but these partnerships can help spread awareness to different audiences you might not have access to.
  8. Use tracking URLs to evaluate traffic sources and where sales are coming from.
  9. Use traditional marketing! Pass out flyers, postcards, posters, business cards and hang banners around popular areas. Create material that is easy to distribute, is eye-catching and directs people to your tickets.
  10. Subscribe to the Purplepass blog. We put out weekly event marketing tips and professional insights to help you as you promote your event.