What Is Outsourcing And How Can It Benefit Your Company?

The business landscape of today is rapidly growing and changing. In addition, many markets are becoming populated with new, eager companies every day.

The challenge is to operate within a tight budget while still acquiring products and services necessary for continued growth. This is where outsourcing can be a benefit to businesses of all types.


What Is Outsourcing?

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Put simply, outsourcing is a way to gain either products or a service, usually technology based, from a source located outside of the country.

For example, many new startup companies are turning to outsourcing to allow them to find the skilled workers they need to successfully launch their brand and continue to operate competitively without straining their finances.

Straight-forward, outsourcing is an agreement where one company hires another company that involves contracting and handing over control of public services to private enterprises.


How To Use Outsourcing

Outsourcing can work well for companies needing to produce goods to sell or who need assistance with part of their operating model. Many companies have taken advantage of the technical help aspect of outsourcing.

A few specific countries have already become a hub of resources for outside contracting in the field of IT, customer support, and Cyber security. Businesses requiring these services for their daily operations can get high-quality workers for much cheaper than they could by hiring internally.

According to KPMG Global IT-BPO Outsourcing Deals Analysis, these are the top major outsourcing buyer regions by percentage: 

  • North America & South America: 42%
  • Europe, Middle East, & Africa: 35%
  • Asia & Oceania: 23%


top global outsourcing industries

Source: 2017 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index


global outsourcingTo incorporate outsourcing into a business model, companies simply need to search for top-rated services or product manufacturers located outside the country.

Outline your specific needs and look for contractors who can fulfill this aspect of business for your company model. 

One tip is to focus on working with contractors who have provided excellent services for other related companies in your particular field. These providers tend to work much like domestic providers and require a contract and secure method of payment.


Benefits Of Outsourcing

There are a few benefits related to outsourcing, the most obvious being the savings. Another big factor is the amount of skilled workers who are available abroad.

Finding a contractor with the right staff and equipment to get started is easier than it sounds and allows startups and established companies alike to integrate services without delays and the need to allocate additional funds for purchases and staffing.


benefits of outsourcing

Startups can also get up and running much faster when they outsource vital services. Outsourcing can eliminate many of the obstacles a new business can face, which makes creating a new company and executing the process of getting started much more secure and appealing.

If you think outsourcing may be beneficial to your company, try researching some contractors and providers operating externally within your market. Make sure to do extensive research and find a few different options to compare before settling on one.

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