What Every Event Needs to Succeed in 2022 (the Secret Sauce!)

Hosting a business gathering, a promotional event, or even an event for those in your local community requires the ability to plan and organize efficiently.

If you are an event planner, knowing what your next event of 2022 needs to succeed can help to save time and money while allowing you to host an event that is truly unforgettable.



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1. Free WIFI

This one is an easy decision.

Offering Wi-Fi is a must-have amenity for just about any event you are planning in 2022, except for events focused on living off of the grid or going without the internet, of course. We use the internet to check email, pay bills, and even stay connected with the ones we love most, which is why providing free wireless internet access with any event you host is essential.

If you are thinking of providing Wi-Fi to attendees throughout your event, coordinate internet security, passwords, and guest services with the event venue of your choice beforehand.

2. Water Refill Stations

Setting up water refill stations is one of the best ways to ensure all of your guests, speakers, and attendees remain hydrated throughout the course of your event.

Water refill stations should be distributed evenly throughout your event space, and set up in locations that are temperature-controlled and easily accessible. Provide disposable and recyclable cups alongside trash bins to keep the surrounding areas tidy at all times.

3. Sustainability aspects to consider

Whenever you are planning an event in 2022, it is imperative to consider the environment and sustainability of your event.

Are you hosting an eco-friendly event, or do you want to, at the very least, put your best efforts forward to reduce waste and energy usage?

While planning an event, consider green alternatives such as:

  • Solar power
  • Outdoor events
  • Digital tickets/registration instead of paper tickets
  • Local vendors and talent 
  • Recycled materials 
  • Decor and furniture rentals


4. Swag/Merchandise Booth

Another way to host a successful event for your own business and brand is to do so with a swag/merchandise booth area.

Having your own swag and merchandise both provides plenty of opportunities to advertise and promote your brand to those attending your event. Providing space for merchandise booths from other vendors and attendees is also a great way to generate buzz surrounding your event while encouraging ticket sales.

5. Event App

Creating an app for your event is becoming an essential!

Unfortunately, people don’t want to talk to real humans for inquiries, rather have all the answers in their hands.

An event app should include:

  • The timeline or event schedule
  • Featured posts on guests, speakers, talent 
  • Registration and tickets 
  • Information about the event
  • A map of the event venue 
  • Online merchandise store



6. Sanitation stations & hand sanitizer

Setting up sanitation stations and hand sanitizers is a great way to create a safe environment for those who attend your events.

Even during the pre-Covid era, attending networking conferences required plenty of interaction, with little to no sanitation in between. Offering free hand sanitizers and sanitation stations encourages proper hygiene while reducing the potential of transmitting viruses and colds.

7. Charging stations and/or outlets

When planning any event, it is important to ensure that the venue you choose is suitable for not only the number of attendees you intend to host but also the amenities they require for their personal devices. 

8. Photo walls or booths

Are you looking for a way to help your 2022 event stand out amongst the rest?

Consider using digital photo walls or setting up your very own photo booth for attendees to engage with and enjoy. 

Use digital photo walls to showcase photos taken of attendees, speakers, and guests in real-time for a truly immersive experience. Use a photo booth with plenty of accessories and costumes to encourage participation and engagement throughout the entirety of your event.

9. Relaxation stations

One way to take your 2022 event to the next level is to implement relaxation stations.

Conferences, events, and even major promotional gatherings can go on for hours or even days, and can quickly become exhausting. Relaxation stations provide your attendees with an opportunity to relax, decompress, and re-energize themselves.

Set up relaxation stations in separate rooms or areas of your venue’s space, if possible. Use comfortable recliners, calming music, and even headphones for those who prefer to unwind in silence as they recharge.

10. Multi-language support

Connecting with international attendees is another one of the most effective ways to host a successful event in 2022.

By offering multi-language support through the use of signage, promotional materials, and even digital advertising campaigns, you can drastically increase your reach and your ability to appeal to a much wider audience.


Planning your event ahead of time can help determine what amenities, features, and tools are best for your event, based on your event’s purpose and target audience. With the right planning resources available at your disposal, plan your next event efficiently and successfully.

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