The Newest Technology In The Event World

As meetings and events continue to develop into an increasingly complicated experiences, event organizers are on the prowl for new services that can help them elevate the experience to guest expectation.These market changes have culminated into a landscape where market experts are swamped by new platforms and products on a daily basis.

How do you decide which innovations are worth investigating? In this post, we will walk you through a few trends on the horizon for 2019 that may provide exponential value to your organization.


1. 5G Speeds that Blow You Away

wireless network speed evolution: 3g, 4g, 5gThe 4G LTE speeds are considered being the standard in mobile connectivity. But what if you could increase that speed by 1,000? Welcome to your introduction of the 5G network.

As event management platforms integrate wholly with the cloud, reliable speeds are sure to impact your events by allowing more robust programs to operate faster than before.

Welcome to Your Introduction of the 5G Network.

Wouldn’t it be great if Wi-Fi speed and reliability are no longer an event planning concern? That’s what the introduction of 5G might mean for coordinators. This has amazing implications not limited to solving connection issues, but also raising a few of the restrictions planners deal with as locations are sourced. With high-speed web readily available, facilities can pave the way to creativity.

5G promises superior speeds compared to 4G predicting 480 Mbit/s median speeds for 3.5 GHz 5G Massive MIMO and 1.4 Gbit/s median speed for 28 GHz mmWave.


2. Multi-Use Applications for Brands Create an Awesome Experience

Apps are an essential part of how we operate daily. Branded apps offer endless chances to connect with consumers directly. Apps can be tailored to look like they were developed specifically for the event while using a technology that serves to improve and individualize the participant experience.

Instead of relying on developers, you can now find easy-to-use interfaces for mobile app design and creation.

an iphone with swiftic featured image

Companies like swiftic and BuildFire are allowing you to skip the developer and crazy coding and create your own app, hassle free online. Not knowing code is becoming less and less of an issue for event planners and having the chance to develop your own app the way you want it helps save you money and customize your event.

If you're serious about building your own app, we recommend reading this step-by-step guide on the creation process. 


3. Projection Mapping Creates Eye-Popping Displays

Projection mapping is the act of developing an increased reality experience with the assistance of projectors and augmented reality.

Projectors usually cast their images on flat screens, but event trends are taking it 3D. With projection mapping, they can illuminate any surface and turn normal structures and buildings into 3D interactive displays.

Projection mapping assists event organizers with integrating genuinely transformational style aspects into any event area, showcasing future products, and visual aids. From automobiles to landmarks to stages, this visual technology is an effective tool to develop visual accents everywhere and a memorable event.

the hakanai 3D mapping dance


If you want to learn more on how to use these virtual realities at your next event, click here. 


4. Event Diagramming Interactively Joins Venues and Technology

The ability to execute event experiences is becoming more complicated. However, mapping them is necessary. Event diagramming software allow you and your venue to visually map out the entire event from every angle.

This rather brand-new innovation offers useful tools like diagramming, 3D venue walk throughs, tours, and seating maps that are presented in one software package. It assists coordinators and venue managers conserve resources while facilitating clear communication. In reality, the best programs centralize interaction and can create diagrams in real-time.

social tables 3D space planning rendering

If you have an idea or layout you want to try out for your event, you can visually see it by using these diagrams, send it off to the venue manager and get it approved. If your event is assigned seating, you can create the layout for your guests and let them view it ahead of time; this is especially handy for people with disabilities or handicap to see an advance the layout of the venue.

The purpose of taking advantage of these trends in event management technology should be to make the life of planners, venues, vendors, and guests as simple as possible. Saving time and money while increasing experience perception is a great way to accomplish this goal.


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