Using Augmented Reality At Your Event

Everyday exciting new technology-related developments are being created, with most being great for attracting interest to your brand and engaging potential markets; one being augmented reality.

Much like the familiar virtual reality, augmented reality relies on computer-generated images to enhance a viewer’s experience. Consider using this fun and interesting technology at your next function or event to create a memorable experience for your guests and a chance to escape from reality.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the process of overlaying computer-generated graphics over the view of the real world, creating an augmented perception of reality.

Augmented reality can be used with sights, smells, sounds, hepatic feedback, and more.It is really an exciting advancement that will allow you to optimize the content to showcase your brand and generate additional interest.


Augmented reality is projected to have 1 billion users by 2020 and to reach a value of $61.39 billion by 2023. Currently 60% to 70% of consumers see a clear benefit in using AR devices in their daily life, at work or other events to learn new skills and benefits. 


How To Use Augmented Reality At An Event

You can learn below exactly how to effectively use augmented reality at your next event to help get the word out about new products or services. Use these ideas to help you tailor the experience and make the most of the interactions your guests can experience.


  • Product demonstrations

If you wish to expose your event attendees to some new products or technology, you can use an augmented reality program to highlight the new products or services.

woman raised her hand and a car in augmented reality demo

It’s like letting them take a test drive to help engage them and give them a nearly realistic experience. With augmented reality, they don’t have to take a representative’s word, they can see for themselves.


  • Create an experience

Augmented reality is a great way to create a lasting impression and enhance the event experience.

It is a chance to get your brand in front of a more than willing audience and impress them with what the program is highlighting.

This is also an effective tool to help keep attendees engaged if there are lines or spare time in between presentations and other demonstrations.

The audience can have fun and learn more about a product while they wait in lines or for the main event.


  • Hosting an event virtually

Using augmented reality is also a way to encourage online attendance. There is also the possibility of having a higher number of attendees when they have the option of being present through augmented reality without having to commute or change their schedules to attend.

In addition, you can host a virtual event without having to invest in the venue, food, entertainment, etc. It is a more effective and convenient way to present material to a wider audience and can help you stay on budget.

With virtual events there are few things you’ll need to do that are different from regular events:

1. Choose a platform (Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Livestream etc.) You can learn about the top 5 FREE ways you can live stream an event here.

2. Find a host or professional speaker for the entire event

3. Your venue shouldn't just be your office. You are still producing a live event with speakers, workshops, trade shows etc. and you will need to accommodate for that.

 If you are interested in learning how to create a virtual event, check out article on 9 Tips For Making Your Next Virtual Event A Success.


  • Virtual tours

If your brand wants to showcase a space or project, it is easier to use augmented reality because you don’t have to use resources and manpower associated with a traditional tour. To do so, simply post and promote the event date and let viewers join in as you take them on a virtual tour. In addition, users of augmented reality can experience tours and demonstrations from anywhere.

A virtual tour can comprise over one space or product, which is a more efficient use of time for both parties and your resources.


(Above: virtual tour of the Titanic ship so views can experience what it would have been like)


Event planning is rapidly evolving and involves staying on the forefront of technology to help make the experience more convenient, effective, and budget friendly. If you haven’t used augmented reality at an event yet, consider using it soon. Not only does it catch your target audience’s attention, it is a more effective way to reach a wider audience that otherwise could not interact with your brand or attend the events due to a busy schedule or location.

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