Purplepass is the Super Power Behind Power-Con Ticketing

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If a huge animation convention were to select your company as its ticketing service you might feel like a master of the entertainment business universe.

That is what has happened to Southern California ticketing company Purplepass, which has united with Power-Con to promote its annual convention celebrating the Masters of the Universe animation franchise.

He-Man, She-Ra, Sorceress and Skeletor fans will be flocking to the Los Angeles-area event September 9 to 10, 2017, in costume for Power-Con at the Redondo Beach Marriott, 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance.

Masters of the Universe characters He-Man and She-Ra are brother (Adam) and sister (Adora) twins who are royalty from the planet Eterna. Adora is kidnapped by the planet Etheria's Evil Horde shortly after birth. As young adults, Adam and Adora discover they have super powers. When reunited, they use their powers to fight Skeletor and other villains of the Horde.

He-Man was the first Masters of the Universe figure.  He came to life in 1976 as a Mattel toy competing for sales with Star Wars dolls. She-Ra was introduced in the 1985 animated film He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword.

he-man and she-ra cartoon characters

So, Power-Con bills itself as a "toy and comic book experience." The event includes appearances of celebrities connected to He-Man and She-Ra cartoon shows, movies, touring shows and merchandise. They include:

  • Eric Van Baars, who played Skeletor in the Masters of the Universe Power Tour
  • Chelsea Field, the actress who portrayed Teela in the 1987 live action motion picture Masters of the Universe
  • Voice artist Paul Dobson whose work included characters, such as Tri-Klops, for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe on Cartoon Network
  • Paul Cleveland, vice president of marketing at Mattel during the first run of the Masters of the Universe cartoon series in the 1980s
  • Writer James Eatock who co-wrote two guides to the cartoon series and administers the official He-Man YouTube channel
  • Jeremy Padawer, former Mattel brand and marketing manager who directed the 2002 relaunch of Masters of the Universe and
  • Gus Park, who choreographed the fights and played Ninjor in Masters of the Universe Power Tour.
entrapta cartoon character power-con

Fans who dress in costumes for Power-Con may compete for cash prizes up to $500.

The sale of Power-Con passes -- available online and at the door -- is coordinated using Purplepass. The company's software helps event promoters manage ticket sales, create alerts to attract customers, track metrics and analyze sales and customer data.

Earlier this year, business software reviewer Capterra ranked Southern California-based Purplepass as being a top source of event management software.

The Power-Con website offers in-depth information about its convention. Contact Purplepass to learn more about its role in promoting Power-Con and other top clients ranging from BMW to Univision.

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