Planning a School Reunion? Don’t Forget to Do These 10 Things

Planning a reunion can be a daunting and challenging task, but if you remember to do these 10 things, it'll go off without a hit!

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1. Touch base with committee members

The first step in planning the reunion involves evaluating whether there is an enough interest for the reunion itself. Planning a reunion entirely alone is going to be too hard, so it helps to have all committee members on board to help.

There is a natural tendency for people who want to see old friends from high school so there should be plenty of interest. 

Your committee can start by conducting a survey to find out more information about what people want to see in a reunion and how much they are willing tospend or travel. 

Tips for getting in touch with alumni: 

  • Reach out on social media accounts
  • Get their contact information from the school
  • Create a group chat 
  • Do a video chat using Zoom



2. Schedule events throughout the evening

It’s always crucial to have an event schedule with planned activities that control the flow of the evening. Extra activities such as scavenger hunts or competitions boost overall engagement, enhancing the experience. 

Activity/game ideas for Alum events: 

  • Scavenger hunts based on a person's information. (Example: Find someone with the same birthday month as you).
  • Slide shows
  • Cocktail hour for mingling 
  • Team Jeopardy or trivia 
  • Speeches and awards
  • Voting prom Queen and King


3. Start a website people can turn to for ticketing and event details

Once you have a committee and your date, you need to send out event details and invites.

An online platform and website where people can go for ticketing information and event details will make your job about getting the word out much easier. 


An easy way to create an event page

Even if your event Is free, you can create an event page
with Purplepass where people can RSVP and
find other event details.



4. Contact the School

You want to make sure no one is left out of the reunion and in order to do that, contact the school for a complete class list.

You can also connect with the school to borrow the banner and mascot for the event.

You may even want to ask if there are still any yearbooks from the graduating year at the school to confirm everyone is counted for. 



5. Post on social media and make a shareable link

Even with a complete list of people, you and fellow committee members sending out invites, you should post an event on social media to cover all of your bases.

Social media is a great way to get the word out.

You should have a sharable link so people can share with others they may know in the class to make it even easier to ensure everyone is included.

a Facebook event invite


* Tip: Create a dropbox using a shareable link where everyone can put photos from the night making them accessible to everyone. 


Create customized tracking links

Track how people are finding your event by building
tracking links with Purplepass.



6. Don’t forget a dress code and theme

A dress code and theme can make your event stand out and boost attendee excitement.

Set this early on in the planning process so you can have a clear vision for the event. It will also help you with the rest of the decisions such as venue space, decorations, food, and games.

reunion attendees wearing gatsby costumes

Many reunion attendees want to relive their high school experience so some nostalgic details can be worked into the theme of the event.

Popular theme ideas: 

  • Prom!
  • Homecoming
  • The 80s or 90s
  • Under the Sea
  • Enchanted
  • Memories
  • Western
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Hawaii Vacation
  • Roaring 20s
  • Masquerade Ball



7. Book the Venue far in advance

You need to find a venue at least a year in advance. You can use the results from your survey to find a realistic venue based on guest count. The venue should be the appropriate size for your gathering and set the tone of the event.

The venue should also be near the school you are celebrating. 

Some venues to consider include a local hotel ballroom, park picnic site, community center, or even at the old school auditorium or gym.



8. Remember dietary restrictions to accommodate for everyone’s needs

The surveys your committee does in the beginning of the planning process can help you learn more about dietary restrictions so you can have a more inclusive event. 

Create a questionnaire asking if anyone has any dietary restrictions so you can inform catering. 



9. Don’t forget a Photographer

Having a photographer is a great way to document the event and everyone will appreciate being able to take photos with classmates they haven’t seen in years.

a group posing in a photo booth

You can even put up a photo booth to give more photo opportunities, plus this will encourage more ways to reconnect with old friends. 



10. Don’t forget a small gift to remember the night

A small gift is especially great for reunions that are important milestones, such as the 25th.

Not every reunion requires something like this but it can help provide your guests with special memories of the event to take home. 


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