Here Are 10 Online Resources for Event Planners Just Starting Out

When you are just starting out in the event planning industry, it can be overwhelming. But don’t fear, there are plenty of online resources you can use to seek advice and tips from professionals when just starting out. 


1. Purplepass Blog

The Purplepass blog is packed with tips for anyone in the industry; from beginners to expert event planners. We cover all ends of event planning, with blogs based on common questions we receive from our users. 

Event marketing is also broadly covered weekly, keeping planners updated on the latests trends, resources, and ideas when it comes to event promotion. 


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Other categories include event technology, nonprofit and fundraising tips, lifestyle tips for workers in the industry, and the latest news on Purplepass Ticketing and our clients. 

For weekly advice and the latest articles, you can subscribe to our blog below and start learning! There is something for every level and it’s free to read.



2. Event Manager Blog

Event Manager Blog is another free resource online for event professionals around the world.

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It’s a go-to online resource for technology, innovation, education, and trends covering the entire event industry. Thousands from around the globe read this blog daily to learn more about the event planning hacks, access free guides, ebooks and more! 

We highly recommend this blog for people starting out.

3. Cvent's Webinar

Online webinars can give you insight into specific aspects of events, and many are on-demand so you don’t have to view it live or check it out at a certain time. 

Cvent's on-demand webinar, Inside the Minds of Event Attendees, covers the following: 

  • Attendee insights: what makes them return to your events, and what keeps them away
  • Demographic differences and different marketplaces
  • Actionable recommendations you can take right now based on the results of this study



4. Take an event planning course with Oxford Home Study

With a free online event planning course, you can learn about getting into this diverse and creative industry while getting certified.

Choose a course with no deadlines or time restrictions and one with all course material supplied so you can work at your own pace. Beginning courses cover the fundamentals of event creation and effective event marketing strategies.


5. Reviewing industry trends 

No matter what type of blog you plan to read, it’s important to keep up with industry trends monthly. 

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Top rated blogs for following latest event trends: 

  • Event Manager Blog
  • Purplepass Blog
  • The Bizzabo Blog



6. An event management app

An event management app, such as Purplepass Pro, allows event organizers, promoters, and venues to turn an iOS device into a mobile box office powerhouse.

Your event can run smoothly while having everything at your finger tips.

Purplepass Pro allows our users to sync their event details, manage guest lists, run reports, scan tickets, and everything else you need to run your event. 



7. Let Swift keep your team organized 

Organization is key to any event, especially when working with a team. With an app like Swift, you can utilize the power of collaboration with seamless workflows and a company-wide hub for everything you need.

Other apps for organizing team work: 

  • Slack
  • Asana 
  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • HubSpot



8. Attend an event planning seminar

Just like webinars, event planning seminars and one-day workshops are great ways to learn.

In one day, you can understand the fundamentals of meeting planning, negotiating deals with vendors, and how to create an event budget.

Top event planning seminars in 2020: 

9. Follow and subscribe to the BizBash Channel

The BizBash YouTube channel has the latest event coverage, news, and ideas. Find videos on all kinds of events, from event conferences to business meetings and more.

BizBash YouTube channel

If you prefer to get your industry trends and information in video form, instead of reading about it on blogs, then follow and subscribe to this channel so you don’t ever miss a video.



10. Find a team you can count on

Having a team behind you to help with event ticketing and more is crucial. The Purplepass team provides one-on-one client care and onsite support 24/7/365 days a year, along with training and onboarding for your staff.

The more people you have behind you, the better success you will have.


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