How to Set Up a Distance Learning Space at Home

Did you know that students participating in distance learning perform slightly better than conventional educated counterparts? Well, that’s a proven fact! It all starts from setting up a learning space that’s conducive for the process.

Here is how.

Online learning is the new normal

With distance education gaining mainstream popularity, many people are at a loss on how to get its maximum benefits. Just as it’s easy to get good grades with distance learning, it is easy to mess up and get incredibly low grades if you don’t prepare well for the distance learning experience.

You have to get the process of setting up distance learning space as part and parcel of getting the best out of distance learning. As you plan to set up a distance learning space that will stimulate quality mental development, here are some tips on setting up a distance learning space.


Tips on setting up a distance learning space

a mom working with her student from home on homework on the groundHave an excellent storage system

Can you imagine a situation where textbooks, pens, pencils, rulers and other learning equipment are scattered all over?

It doesn’t look like a place to absorb knowledge at all. It actually might make the learning a little tiresome because you have to look for a material for a long time. You can avoid this by having a study space design that has a storage system that caters for all learning material in your learning space.

When you’re setting up, part of the learning space design should include a storage system. A good storage system will help with putting everything in place and will reduce the time it takes to get a specific material you need for learning.

Part of your storage system should be a learning space library.

You can make a learning space library where you organize all the textbooks according to subjects. It becomes easier carrying out online education when you have a well-arranged library where you can access a book on a subject easily. You can make your learning space smart by just having a storage system that organizes all the learning material in their designated places.


Designate a specific place and turn it into a learning arena

It won’t be a productive learning experience if you have to move from one place to another every day to carry out the online education process. You could just pinpoint a place in the house and make everybody know that it’s your learning space, and make it look like one.

Once you’ve done this, you have to turn it into a learning arena by doing the following;

  • Ensure there’s a power outlet

  • Make sure that your learning center is well lit

  • Have chairs that are comfortable and ergonomic

  • Make a writing surface that’s even and favorable for your height

  • Make sure that the designated room can be used as a class for the long term

If you can designate a room or a specific place that meets all the conditions described above, you’re good to go! We would also advise that you consult people with online learning experience to get excellent learning space ideas.


Get time to recharge when possible

Do you know what they say about all work, no play? It’s true!

Part of your online education program should be involved in a moment of quality physical exercise. You have to set up your environment so that you can have time to involve yourself in a physical activity to recharge your energy.

Make your studying space smart by investing in the best exercise equipment that can even be used just within the designated space of studying.

It is important to have physical exercise as part of your online studying routine. Studies suggest that physical exercise improves the memory of an individual.

Play period is a sure way of recharging your brain to make it a sharper knowledge magnet.


Get a comfortable reading environment

Discomfort while studying is detrimental to the entire studying process. Imagine sitting in a chair that strains your back, and you’re trying to understand a concept so complex you could miss everything if you lose your concentration for a minute.

Imagine delivering a lecture, and you’re seated in a position that gets you too tired; your entire delivery is compromised and you end up delivering a substandard lecture.

When you’re setting up a distance learning environment, make sure that everything about the place is comfortable throughout the class duration.

Look for a chair that will put you in a perfect position. The difference in height between the chair and the surface where you’re putting your equipment should not put a strain on your body.



Now you know the steps to take to set up a suitable distance studying space. Set up your distance learning area and get those beautiful grades without having to set foot in a class anytime soon.

If you have other studying space ideas that you’d like to share, drop a comment. Also, if you have a question, we are more than willing to get back to you!

Author: Kevin Nelson

Kevin is a content writer for about 3 years. He studied Design and Arts at College in Pennsylvania. A fan of home interior design and, he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by informing people on some of his ideas through his articles.


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