7 Virtual Spooky Halloween Events for Friends and Family

Need ideas for celebrating Halloween virtually with family and friends? Want to host a seasonal event that everyone can enjoy online?

Try out these traditional Halloween events and activities that can be done virtually while the pandemic is still on the rise.Kids-dressed-in-Halloween-costumes-with-pumpkins-on-their-face

1. Host a costume contest

Every year on Halloween, it is our job to decide who has dominated the spooky season with their costume. You can host a costume contest online by having participates stream into the event and show off their look. From there, your audience and other attendees competing can vote privately using a chat or voting system. 

Be sure to provide a prize to the winner that can be mailed after the event. Remember the better the prize, the better the competition! Give them something to fight for. Here are some ideas:

  • Gift cards
  • Store credit
  • Clothes/accessories
  • Halloween candy or food


2. Classic holiday trivia

What better way to get family and friends together than hosting virtual trivia. Each team at home can compete with other players online answering questions related to the holiday. You will need one host to create the questions, ask them and manage the point throughout the game.

The contest can comprise multiple rounds covering categories pertaining to Halloween. 

Category ideas:

  • Halloween movie classics
  • Superstitions and traditions (black cats, witches, carving pumpkins, etc.)
  • General 
  • Trick or treating trivia 
  • How well do you know your candy?
  • Monster mash trivia

3. A movie marathon 

Halloween. Goosebumps. Hocus Pocus. Halloween Town. Twitches. Freddy Krueger. 

So many Halloween classics out there for all ages! Depending on your event’s age group, hosting a scary movie marathon is a fun way to get in the spirit of Halloween while having a virtual get together. 

Have participants stream in so everyone can see each other and interact online via chat or video, while streaming the movie on one central page. 



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4. Spooky Bingo

Want to create a more engaging event, especially for an older age group?

Virtual Halloween themed bingo might be what you need! Have participants dress up in their costumes and tune in for a chance to win at the family-favorite game, Bingo. 

Here’s what you need to host a Bingo game online: 

  1. A streaming service to broadcast the game

  2. A host to spin and announce the numbers (The Caller)

  3. The bingo balls and spin set for drawing the numbers

  4. A prize for the winners! 

  5. Playing cards (this can be electronic cards online or you can mail them out in advance)

  6. A dauber (a special pen like ink stamper) to mark their cards if using physical ones like the one below


5. Pumpkin carving contest

What is Halloween without pumpkin carving?!!

An event we usually enjoy in the company of family and friends. Because COVID-19 has put a halt to the traditions spent with loved-ones a carving contest online might be the next best thing to keeping the holiday spirit alive. 

Have participants tune in on a streaming service where everyone can watch each other carve away!

At the end of the event, use an anonymous voting system and have a host tally up the points and announce the winner! 

6. A house decorating contest

For those individuals that go all out for pumpkin day, take your virtual viewers outside and let them judge the house with the best decor. 

A house decorating contest doesn’t have to be broadcasted online. Participants of the competition can send in a video or image of their finished product, and viewers online can take their pick of who has the best decked out home. 

7. Telling scary stories

Need an idea for your children’s virtual Halloween party? Why not settle on the traditional ways of telling ghost stories?

Set the mood by hosting the event later in the evening after all the festivities have wrapped up. Have one person recite a monologue of spooky stories, reading them to party attendees turning in virtually.

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