Do I Need A POS System At My Next Event?

The days of lugging around a cash box at events are over thanks to the resourceful point-of-sale (POS) system has grown in appeal over the last decade. POS systems provide a substantial boost to event-based organizations for speed, ease-of-use, management benefits and reporting insights. If your team has been hesitant to implement a system of their own, learning more about the benefits and features may just be the ticket that helps you decide.

The benefits of an event-specific POS system far exceed expectation and capability. Perhaps, they are worth a look for your event planning company no matter how large or small.


How Do Event Managers Use POS Systems?

POS systems are commonly thought of as an electronic cash register. However, they are more than just tools for processing credit cards and selling tickets. Most POS platforms allow your organization to automate common business processes with a deeper understanding of how your event is functioning like tracking your guest count and ticket sales. It can help answer questions quickly such as:

  • Are we at capacity?
  • Which seats are still available?
  • Who hasn’t shown up yet?
  • What are our total sales?

Besides sales, ticketing, and status, a good POS system will keep your business running smoothly while securely processing payments. They make up a huge component of event management software systems and keep events run smoothly.

event POS system

What Are the Benefits of Deploying an Event POS System?

Unlike a typical retail outlet environment, events are concentrated with moving bodies wanting to buy tickets and merchandise. This can lead to a high volume of transactions happening and with the need for a higher, more effective processing power. It’s not uncommon to have up to 50 POS systems in-use to satisfy customer goals and ticketing lines.

A POS system that can track inventory, payments, and other analytics will make your event planning business more successful and give you the reports you need to prepare for next year. It will also lead to happier customers which means a happier event planner!

Benefits of an event POS system include:

  • The ability to accept an array of payment methods and provide receipts
  • Management tools that are cloud-based
  • The ability to plug into mobile devices for payment process
  • Managing and tracking customer loyalty programs
  • Equipment that is readily available for rent and connected to the system

    and so much more!!

These functions will enable you to run fluidly and without unnecessary disruptions-- enabling your business to shine. Most importantly, as a growing number of business incorporate top-tier POS systems into their blueprint for enhancing the event experience, competitors that stop working to keep pace will be left by the wayside.


How Should Our Team Implement a POS System?

wireless ticket scanner

First and foremost, working with a reputable company will make your transition from analog-to-digital (or local to cloud) a much better experience overall and hopefully provide training to allow this process to be even easier. They should also offer a free demo of the software and how it works before even asking for a sale. This is the ultimate opportunity to test-drive a platform that could catapult you to the next level in event management.

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