Cross Marketing an Event: Why and How to Do It

Marketing is an integral part of any successful business or brand.

Without marketing, spreading the word about your business and your products or services becomes increasingly difficult, especially in highly competitive markets. When you are planning an event for your business and want to maximize your reach and ability to attract new customers, consider using a variety of cross-marketing techniques for the best outcome possible.



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What is Cross-Marketing? 

Cross-marketing is advertising an event, product, service, or business across multiple platforms and channels, both online and off, simultaneously.

Using cross-marketing is an effective method of maximizing your reach when promoting a local, online, or even an international event for your business.

Using cross-marketing will not only help you to expand your reach, but it is also a way for you to break into new markets when working with partners in your cross-marketing campaigns. 


Partnerships and Sponsors

One of the best ways to become familiar with cross-marketing is through partnerships and close-knit agreements. Working with sponsors, local talent, or even successful speakers can help to promote your event and generate buzz surrounding it. Ensure anyone you partner with is also willing to advertise your company’s upcoming event for free promotion and/or priority as a guest. 

When you are thinking of seeking partnerships and participants, it is important to keep your target audience, market, and industry in mind at all times.

Working with just any partner or business owner is not always the best idea, especially if you want to hone in on a specific group or niche audience. Whenever you are building partnerships and making new professional connections, it is imperative to keep your company’s target audience and your goals in mind, always! 


Location and Venues

Depending on the location you choose for your upcoming event, it is also possible to work with those in charge of the location itself for additional promotional opportunities. If you are working at a private venue or location, consider promoting the venue and space in exchange for additional marketing and promotion from the venue itself, online or off.

Consider which locations are most likely to draw in foot traffic, and which locations are best for repeat traffic from loyal customers. Choose a location that is most likely to help you achieve your company goals. 

Even if you are hosting your corporate event in a public space, it is possible to contact those in charge of the venue space to brainstorm your promotional or advertising opportunities together. While it is not always feasible to receive cross-marketing and cross-promotion with a public venue, it is possible with the right connection. 


Local Shops and Vendors

One way to help spread the word about your event, as well as your business and brand, is to work together with local shops and vendors.

Partnering with small shops and vendors provides an opportunity to sell products locally at multiple locations. Many small local shop vendors are more likely to work with partners as they have fewer restrictions and limitations, especially if they own only one store that is not a franchise. 

Working alongside small vendors and local shops can bring new partnerships and opportunities. With small shops and vendors, advertise your upcoming event or even offer discounted tickets when purchased at a partnering shop or vendor. Work together with local vendors and shop owners to brainstorm ideas to generate traffic and sales for both of you.


Virtual Cross-Marketing Opportunities 

If you are thinking of hosting a virtual event or if you are simply searching for ways to promote your business in the virtual realm, consider turning to virtual cross-marketing opportunities. Using virtual cross-marketing opportunities is best if you already have an established web presence or, at the very least, an official website or blog for your business and brand.

Research local businesses and brands near you that are most relevant to your own venture and the target demographics you are trying to reach.

Consider what opportunities are most appealing to you online and why.


Ask yourself the following questions prior to contacting a potential partner or promoter for the cross-marketing opportunity you have in mind:

  • What are my goals for the cross-marketing opportunities I am seeking? Am I trying to spread brand awareness, garner loyal followers, generate revenue, or all of the above? 

  • How will I use my cross-marketing opportunities to appeal to my intended audience while simultaneously building stronger relationships with partners and local vendors?

  • What cross-promotion opportunities are likely to work best for my business and the industry I am in? 

  • What can I offer to those who will promote my business and the event(s) I host?

  • How will I ask those who assist me in my cross-marketing to promote my business and brand?

  • After making connections with locals, how will I spread the word to the rest of the public?


Using cross-marketing is a highly effective method of promoting an upcoming event, business, or brand. With the right cross-marketing strategy, maximize your reach, visibility, and your ability to extend your business into new markets and demographics. 

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