5 Benefits To Selling Merchandise Online Vs At Your Event

Traditionally, merchandise is bought and sold at the event space, whether it be at a performance, concert, lecture, or sporting event.

In today’s world of all-consuming technology, however, it makes sense to skip selling the merchandise on location and opt for a more streamlined, digital solution. Have you thought about skipping the merchandise sales you usually have and allowing a professional company to handle the logistics? Consider the following reasons as to why it makes sense to sell your merchandise online.


1. Minimizes Lines And Wait Times

Online merchandise and advanced selling lets your guests skip those long lines and annoying wait times. People who attend can do what they want, experience the entire event, without having to stand and wait to make a purchase.

They can go where they wish to be and browse conveniently on their phone, or they can wait until they get home to add any merchandise purchases to their ticket orders. 

Purchasing online not only tracks inventory more efficiently, but you can continuously restock any item that runs out or is running low in real-time, instead of selling out during the event. 


2. Helps With Crowd Control

Using an online platform to buy merchandise assists with crowd control because people are not grouped into a single area causing congestion.

Everyone has experienced this at events:

  • Long lines of people to walk around
  • Not knowing where the line starts because it is too long
  • Lines of people that block off other vendors or pathways
  • Crowd congestion that leads to being uncomfortable or added irritation
  • Wasted time from waiting in the wrong, unmarked line
  • Missing part of the event while waiting in line


Purchasing online (merchandise, food, alcohol, etc.) can allow your guests to roam freely, without the extra pressure of coordinating the best time to wait in line for fear of missing out. 


3. Allows Buyers To Consider Their Purchases

Customers like to take time to consider what they want to buy, but unfortunately, with such long lines of people waiting, the pressure is on. Shopping digitally allows them to check out what you offer and decide what items they want to buy without being put on the spot.

This strategy is also a great way to increase sales because the pressure is off for having to make a quick decision. Customers tend to be hesitant when purchasing more than one item or high dollar stock because they are trying to go quickly and keep the lines moving. 


4. Streamlines Food Service And Delivery

If your event comes with catering/table services, allowing guests to order online previously upon checkout, can do wonders for your kitchen staff and crowd control at the event. Ordering food online will give your kitchen staff more preparation times and account for additional inventory if needed. 

It also decreases the need for manpower in the front of the house, or at the booths, and gives customers a chance to browse the menu at their leisure. Plus, they can order in advance to allow additional time to make it to the pickup window without having to wait in line or find it at their tables before they even arrive.

The less your guests have to think about at an event, the better; they are there to enjoy, not stress over avoidable situations. 


You can also offer discounts as incentives for purchasing upon checkout. Previous events through Purplepass have offered beer buckets, discounted food options and specials only available online. 


5. Less Manpower Required

Overall, an online merchandise sales tool is an excellent way to cut costs and increase efficiency at your events. You should consider using a professional company with an order fulfillment or advanced selling tool option that can easily integrate into your ticketing package. You will not only increase sales, but free up workers to devote their attention to more pressing matters. 

If you haven’t yet harnessed the benefits of a professional ticketing package that include great tools to streamline your event, such as an online fulfillment option, then you should check out Purplepass' ticketing options and everything we can do for you. Browse the website and discover useful tools and features that can make any event streamlined and accessible to a wider audience.

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