7 Easy Ways to Make Your Event Vegan Friendly

So, are you throwing a party or special event? Then you are probably dreaming of making it as flawless for all guests as possible, being busy with all preparation chores.

Planning an event can be pretty stressful on its own.

However, when it comes to hosting people with special preferences, that’s when the situation can get even trickier.

Speaking of special preferences, one of the hardest ones to handle are vegans.



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This type of lifestyle implies a complete abstaining from the use of animal products, including meat, dairy products, eggs, and a whole bunch of other goods. Making a party vegan-friendly is, for sure, a challenging task.

Especially, if you’re not vegan yourself.

Not only do you have to come up with a menu free of animal products, but you also have to make it diversified enough to keep your guests satisfied.

a vegan meal with knife and fork, lemon, salt and mint leaves around

Top vegan-friendly tips for your event

If you want to throw a party that would be both suitable for everyone and fun, keep on reading.

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We have carefully studied the matter and, in the list below, we have included the top-7 easy tips that will help you throw a perfect event, vegan style!


1. Have meat alternatives

Meat or fish may be the most widely known sources of protein. However, there are also plenty of alternative proteins that could be offered at your event.

a hand holding a wooden tray of bite size foodsUnlike popular belief, making an event vegan-friendly does not mean replacing everything with fruits and vegetables.

If you don’t want to starve your guests, you need to provide some proteins as well. Some good options would be tofu, beans and legumes, and nuts.

Be sure to put them on the menu!

list of vegan protein sources and protein per serving



2. Offer non-dairy alternatives for coffee or tea

Veganism means refusing not only meat but also avoiding dairy and other animal products. Therefore, if you serve tea and coffee, another vital tip is to provide a variety of plant-based milk.

A good choice would be almond milk, which is known for its delicious taste, and it goes great with coffee.

different non-dairy milk products

By the way, bringing along some plant-based milk to the party will help you satisfy not only the vegans’ demands but also the needs of those guests who don’t tolerate lactose.

This way, you will make your event pleasant for the guests of different profiles.

3. Add Variety

Variety is the key to the success of any event. The same applies to parties that are meant to be vegan-friendly.

Despite what some might think, this kind of lifestyle is not synonymous with monotony. On the contrary, a plant-based menu can be very diversified and delicious.

It only depends on your creativity.

Here is a thing to keep in mind - almost any dish you know, be it a soup, a sandwich, main, or anything else, can have a great not-animal-based alternative.


4. Double the portions

Our next tip may not be as obvious to some. However, this is one of those basics you have to keep in mind if organizing a vegan-friendly event!

The thing is that vegetables and other products (even those containing proteins) do not contain as many calories as meat or dairy.

different foods served in glassesWith this in mind, it is fair to say that people with such preferences may need to eat twice much to feel full. A small serving of beans or salad may look pretty good on a plate, but it would be less than 100 calories.

Therefore, it is vital to double the serving portions and ensure you have enough food to feed everyone. Otherwise, you risk having grumpy, hungry guests at your party.



5. Offer the right beverages

We’ve already discussed a tip related to coffee and tea, but what if you are planning to serve other types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages?

Then, you need to ensure that you also have plenty of vegan options!

You may not have known this, but many beverages out there, including some beers and wines, are not suitable for people who don’t consume animal products.

different beverages served in different types of glassesSome of these beverages may contain undesired ingredients such as milk protein, gelatin, shell fibers, glycerin, casein, etc.

To avoid keeping your guests thirsty or making them stick to plain water, you should put some extra effort into finding beverage options suitable for everyone.

Just read the ingredients carefully and you’ll be fine!



6. Offer desserts

What good event can be held without serving desserts?

Probably none, right?

This means that you will probably include some desserts on the menu. If you do, our next tip is to either make sure all desserts are vegan-friendly or to provide alternatives.

Simply offering fruits for dessert doesn’t seem fair.

Therefore, be sure to order or cook or stack on some delicious options.

a plate of vegan chocolate balls

Some ideas that will suit you are carob-chip cookies, sorbet, vegan fruit ice cream.

The options are limitless, so do consider them!



7. Pick decorations wisely

Our final tip may also be not as obvious as the rest, but this doesn’t make it less important. Preparing your venue for a big (or even not so big) event, you are probably choosing some decorations.

What do decorations have to do with vegans anyway, you may wonder?

Well, the thing is that many vegans don’t just refuse to eat certain foods.

Avoiding using things made from animals is actually another big part of a vegan lifestyle. Therefore, to make your party a blast, follow these decoration tips:

  • Avoid using materials such as wool, leather, and silk
  • Make sure there are no furs in your decor
  • If using candles, make sure they are soy ones
  • Opt for cake jars, soaps, and other decor elements that are made of vegan ingredients
  • Decorate the venue with plenty of flowers and plants
  • If you decide to use artificial flowers instead of the real ones, ensure they don’t contain silk



The Bottom Line

The tips mentioned above will help you create an unforgettable event and, at the same time, ensure it is vegan-friendly!

Follow them carefully to make sure that none of your guests will feel out of place regardless of their preferences and lifestyles.

And don’t forget to have fun!

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