The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media for Marketing Your Event

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DO use more than one platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

DO be visually appealing. Content such as photos and videos can ensure more engagement and clicks.

DO remember who your audience is and that you're sharing appropriate information to satisfy them and that demographic.

DO create your own personalized hashtag. Find one that is unique and not being used by anyone else. This can be used for social networking and allows your event to be more discoverable by other users.

DO share content, video reels, testimonies and feedback from previous customers or events to show proof of your event's success.

DO build suspense. Posting behind the scenes pictures of the event, planned guest speakers, contests in the making, anything to make your followers more curious about your event. Doing so helps to humanize your brand and makes it more relatable.

DO brag about your event. You should be proud of what you are marketing so make sure you post everything from raving reviews, articles or press releases online and anything else you find that makes your event shine. BUT don’t say your event is the best unless you have something to backup this statement like an article stating it was ranked “The Best”.

DO create contests, giveaways and social media campaigns to engage with your followers and show them you are here to have fun.


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DON'T have bad grammar. Consistently having incorrect information and spelling errors could show your brand as careless and illiterate. Use a spell checking system like Grammarly, Spell Checker etc.

DON’T share information that is too personal. Keep your personal accounts separate from your event’s accounts.

DON’T ignore social media. Make sure to always respond to positive and negative comments, messages and reviews.

DON’T be afraid to have fun with your followers. Post funny memes relating to your event, keep up with the national holidays like “National Donut Day”, or post for “throwback Thursday”. This is not only staying with the trends but branding your event as trendy and fun.

DON’T be needy. By asking your followers to retweet, share or like your post can make you seem desperate and annoying. Instead, creatively do this; “double tap if you want to see more posts like this,” “send to someone who should be going to this event” etc.

DON’T post in all caps. This can come off as aggressive and pushy. It is okay to put individual words in all caps like “SALE” or “FREE,” but any more than that is offensive and visually abrupt.


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