This Is NOT Your Ordinary Birthday Party

“Happy Birthday to You.” “Happy Birthday to You.” “Happy Birthday Robert Smith.” “Happy Birthday to You.” The song, though, probably won’t be sung by cheery children and their well-dressed parents. The singers, in fact, might be embarrassed that they’re singing the world’s most recognized song.

Dressed perhaps in Gothic clothing, they might be more eager to sing songs with a darker tone. Songs like “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Fascination Street,” and “Just Like Heaven.”

Robert Smith, you see, isn't an ordinary person despite his ordinary name. He is THE driving force behind The Cure, an English rock band that's sold at least 27 million records since 1976. He sings, writes songs, plays the guitar, and NEVER looks ordinary. He’s unique. So is his music. It can be classified as alternative rock, punk rock, new wave rock, or gothic rock.

Thanks to promoter Brando Von Badsville (I bet you know that’s not his real name), many of L.A.’s hippest rock fans celebrated Smith’s 58th birthday at Spike’s on April 21. Von Badsville is so hip that he was the first subject of an LA Weekly column on the L.A. rock scene. Who knows what’s up his sleeve? Here’s his calendar for future events.

You can buy tickets to Von Badsville events at this Purplepass website.


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