Added Custom Controls Plus New Features to Coupon Codes and Stats

Stats to the Edit Event Page
We added stats to the Edit event page. So when you are editing your event, it will show how many tickets have been sold, how many guest list tickets issued, how much ticket stock, how many in total, and how may tickets you have remaining. This is will be helpful if your event is coming up soon and you know you have almost sold out of VIP tickets. You are thinking about increasing the size of the VIP section. You view your stats to see how many you sold, and you need to know how many you have available to sell.


When editing your event, you get a quick view of this information right where you need it so if you need to make changes, you have everything you need ready to go!


New Feature to Coupon Codes
This update was a new feature to coupon codes. Now, you can have a code automatically apply when the criteria is met. For example, lets say you want to do a special one-day only offer where it's buy 1 get 1 free, you can create a coupon code to do a buy-1-get-1-free deal and have it auto-trigger.

This way, everyone will automatically get this deal. You can create all discounts and depending on the number of tickets you add to the cart the most appropriate discount will be applied all automatically!

Now you can configure a coupon code to be automatically triggered. Before, all coupon codes had to be manually entered.  Another example would be for Group tickets. Lets say you want to offer 10% off if you buy 10+ tickets.

Ability to Customize Event Verbiage

Added the ability to customize the event verbiage. Under the "Additional Options" section when posting/editing an event we added a new option where the event organizer can customize the text themselves. This works best if you are putting on a class and want to allow people to register online.

Right now, the verbiage on the site says "Buy Tickets", but since this isn't always the most accurate verbiage for something like a school registration.


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