New Upgrade: Box office Data Collection And Advanced Customization

Data collection in box office

One of the newest settings in Purplepass’ box office software is the ability to set it to collect customer data each time you make a sale. You can collect information such as the customer’s name, phone number or email address. You can use this information for marketing purposes or newsletters, for example.


Reprint receipts or email to the customer after the transaction was completed

When using the box office software, you can search for an order and reprint a receipt from a completed transaction. Another option is to email the receipt to the customer. This is beneficial if the customer requests a physical or emailed receipt after the transaction is completed or if you need proof of purchase for another reason.


Ability to show/hide tabs based on user privileges

When you add box office staff to the box office software, you can give each person specific privileges and modify what each staff member can see and access. For example, you can have someone only be able to sell tickets and not look up previous orders.


All order details and status when scanning tickets

In the box office, when you scan a ticket you will see the entire order’s details and status of the order. For example, if you are scanning one child ticket and the ticket was bought with other tickets in one order, you will see in the order details the other tickets that were bought with this ticket. With this information you can see what has been used, who bought them, check all of the party in at the same time, refund the order, etc.


Manually key in credit card number

If a credit card’s magnetic swipe is not functioning or the guest does not have their credit card physically but has the number, you can manually key in the credit card number in the box office software.


Refund receipt feature prints all refund confirmation receipts

Upon doing a refund, you will need a refund receipt showing that the tickets were cancelled/voided and, if a monetary transaction was made, the money refunded. With the box office software you can print refund confirmation receipts for any transaction made for your event, including online orders, instead of just those made at the box office. This global function is useful when making refunds on the go for various situations.

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