The Duplex Gives Audiences An Inexpensive Peek At Future Superstars

The Duplex in New York City is a place where many megastars have gotten their start including Woody Allen, Joan Rivers, and Barbra Streisand. Founded in 1950, The Duplex has a proud history. Located in Greenwich Village, it was next door to the tavern where the gay rights movement began in 1969 -- the Stonewall Inn. It's now across the street, but it's still a place where audience members sing with the entertainers.

The Duplex bills its Cabaret Theatre as New York City's oldest. It's an off-Broadway theatre, but it often has Broadway quality shows. The primary differences between The Duplex and Broadway include The Duplex’s less expensive tickets, a cozier atmosphere, and shorter lines. The Cabaret Calendar shows that several shows per week cost less than $10 and two shows virtually every day cost less than $25.

The Duplex is also known for its Piano Bar, which has entertainment 365 days per year. You can listen to Broadway singers perform with The Duplex’s piano players. If you’re adventurous -- or talented -- you can perform yourself during the daily open-mic shows for singers or the Wednesday open-mic shows for comedians.

The Duplex also has events where “art meets sexual revolution” at its Upstairs @ The Duplex lounge, a game room, a bar, an outdoor cafe, and space people can rent for private parties and business meetings. More information about The Duplex is available here.

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