New iPad POS System and Wireless Scanners


With the iPad POS solution, organizers and event staff can sell tickets, search for orders and check guests in at the event while being mobile. This software works for all types of credit card and cash payments and can print to wireless receipt printers. The devices work on Verizon cellular internet or Wi-Fi. Since this is iPad-based software, it is extremely user-friendly. The iPad POS system comes with a built-in credit card reader and ticket scanner – a complete all-in-one solution.



These iPhone-based laser scanners are accurate and efficient. These devices can scan in upwards of 1200 guests per hour; about one every three seconds. The scanner software can also search for orders and check guests in at will call. The scanners come complete with a built-in laser barcode scanner attachment. In addition to the main scanner, there is a secondary scanner mode for barcodes read from cell phones. These scanners are professional grade and are the same ones used by Disneyland, the US Post Office, Nordstrom, Amtrak, and other leading companies.



The onsite server is a separate computer that works as a server at your event – It connects to the internet and downloads all current data for your event ticketing. This data syncs with the cloud in case new sales come in after the download. The server works with Verizon cellular internet and we provide a router and cellular antenna with the server setup. All terminals and scanners connect to the onsite server to pull data. This is a safe method of operation because if the internet goes down for any reason you will still be able to scan tickets in, do cash sales, remember ticket information and all terminals will continue to function.



Purplepass has switched from traditional barcodes to QR codes in order to increase efficiency in scanning tickets. Our smartphone apps and professional wireless scanners optimized to scan QR codes so it is faster and more efficient to scan guests in to your event.

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