New Upgrade: Smartphone & Tablet apps (2013)

Smartphone & Tablet Apps
You can now turn your iPhone or Android into a complete box office powerhouse - Scan & validate print-at-home tickets, check in will call, search orders, and view real-time admission stats. These apps will also trigger the advanced social media features such as automatically checking your patrons in at your event on Facebook when you scan their tickets.

For nightclubs, a great benefit is being able to run your entire guest list digitally. Now you can use our guest list widget or manually enter your guest list online then simply use an iPad or Android tablet to digitally check all your guests in. This is a major upgrade from the old school clipboard!

For larger events, you can have multiple smartphones/tablets scanning tickets at the same time. The apps also work together with your Virtual Box Office and for Purplepass Venues, your in-house box office system. For the next update, we plan to add the ability to sell tickets via cash and credit directly from your smartphone/tablet!

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Guest list widget for nightclubs
If you ever run a guest list for your event where your patrons can add their name to the guest list for free entry, we have just the thing for you. Our guest list widget lets you embed a guest list form on your website, set the quantity available, decide what info you will collect, and has advanced Facebook integration. You can request or even require guests to Like your page, share with their friends, and even be automatically checked in at your event on Facebook when they arrive.

Continue selling online during your event
Rather than forcing your guests to stand in long lines to buy tickets at the door, you can continue selling online right up till the end of your event. Now your guests can purchase tickets online and walk right to the entrance to be scanned in. This results in shorter lines at the door, reduced staffing needs, and happier guests.

Sorting your tickets
When posting or editing your events, you will now see a Move icon located at the upper right of each ticket type you create. By clicking and holding that button, you can drag and move your ticket types in any order you like.




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