12 Days of Christmas Marketing | Creating Your Holiday Event Campaign

The holidays are a great time for marketing. People are ready for shopping and deals, so you’ve got the perfect opportunity to create an effective holiday marketing campaign for your event.

However, the holidays are also a whirlwind which means creating your event can get overwhelming.

We’re here to make things a little easier. Just in time for the holiday, here are 12 days of marketing actions to help you create a successful event campaign. 


Day 1: Choose Your Theme 

First, what’s an event without a theme? You’ll need something more specific than “Christmas” or “the holidays.” You want to stand out, after all

Everyone is focused on the holidays at this time of year. Keeping things too simple will just get you lost in the crowd. So, how do you choose your theme?

It’s easy. Just ask yourself, “What am I celebrating?” Is it a certain number of years in business? Annual Christmas event or celebration? Getting the community together for the holidays?

Whatever it is, it’s a great way to choose your theme and go from there. 


Day 2: Determine Your Demographics 

On the second day of holiday marketing, it’s time to determine your demographics.

Who are you inviting to your event?

What is their age range?

Do they have their own homes, or do they rent?

Do they have kids?

What are their interests?

This part of the process matters, so don’t skip it. 

demographics in targeting audience for events

Different demographics have different values. Once you’ve figured out your demographics, you can create a marketing event that appeals specifically to them, providing a solution to their problems this holiday season. 


Day 3: Release Early Bird Discounts 

Now it’s time for some sales, coupons, and other discounts; time to get into the true holiday spirit of consumers. Over the holidays, people are always on the hunt for discounts and deals.

This is the best time for new companies or events to say “Hey, we are here. The brands with the best deals get the most attention, so make sure you stand out with an offer they can’t refuse.

Take advantage of things like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and similar promotion dates consumers mark their calendars for during the holiday season.

Discounts are a great way to introduce people to your brand and start building customer loyalty. 

Airline holiday sales are a great example of the power of a good discount that takes advantage of consumers during the festive season. 


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Day 4: Engage in the Countdown 

How many days are left until Christmas? Hanukkah? New Year’s Day?

A countdown does two things for your brand: First, it creates a sense of excitement.

(1) Countdowns can bring back childhood memories of waiting for Christmas or staying up past midnight.

(2) Second, a countdown can create a sense of urgency. People will realize that they don’t have many shopping days left until Christmas. Two very different feels.

When they have that realization, you’ll want to make sure that your brand is on their mind. Post your sale campaign countdown on social media and see how much attention your event gets. 


Day 5: Promote Last Minute Deals 

Speaking of countdowns and urgency, day five is the perfect time for some last minute deals. There will always be somebody who waits until the last minute. 

A lot of brands will try to get the stragglers’ attention with expiring deals and days-before-Christmas shopping campaigns.

last minute holiday specials deals 

Day 6: Create a 12 Day Merchandise Giveaway 

It’s the 12 days of Christmas! So why not create a 12 day giveaway leading up to your event?

People love good deals, but they love themed giveaways even more. The giveaways will create a sense of fun and excitement around your event, tying into the holiday season. Plus, you get all the benefits of a countdown. 


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Day 7: Create a Gift Giving Campaign 

On day seven, it’s time for a gift giving campaign!

On your website, email marketing, and social media, emphasize the fact that tickets make great gifts. A gift giving campaign also works for last minute shoppers.

Encourage people that don't know what to get, to buy tickets for your event as gifts for family and friends. 


Day 8: Remember the New Year 

Don’t forget the marketing opportunities that come with the new year! Just because the holiday season is winding down doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your marketing for next year. 

new year deals with coupon code

Not only can you use the new year to promote new deals, products, events, you can also use it to start gathering contact data for next year marketing campaigns with lead magnets. 


Day 9: Promote Your Holiday Cheer 

Day nine is the perfect time to bring your holiday spirit to life. What part of your event is focused the most on holiday cheer? Is it a performance? The atmosphere?

In any case, let day nine be all about the holiday spirit and celebrating it with your customers. 


Day 10: Have an Instagram Holiday Giveaway 

Time for another giveaway! This one should happen over Instagram. The holiday season is very visual. People associate the holidays with specific colors, lights, and motifs, so Instagram is very popular this time of year. 

Instagram holiday giveaway



Day 11: Partner With a Charity 

The holidays are a time for thinking about others, giving and a time to make a difference. Partner with a charity and put a portion of your event sales toward that charity.

This way, your buyers will feel good about purchasing tickets and their contributions will make a difference. 


Day 12: Have Fun! 

It’s day 12 and your event has arrived!! You did it! Well almost, you’re event isn’t over yet. 


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Happy holidays, and happy planning!

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