Top Free Social Media Management Software Pros And Cons

Using a social media manager tool is a great way to increase your visibility and promote your brand without the hassle of constantly worrying about keeping up with your posts.

It makes the job of maintaining consistency on social media that much easier and reduces your workload. The tough part is cutting costs and finding a software that does what you need for free. 

There are a few free sites that offer quality services for those who are just starting out, or who are on a budget. 

These social media management sites also offer upgraded services for a fee usually after the initial trail if you want to continue integrating them into a marketing approach. Keep reading to find out more details about a few great options to help make your brand more accessible and relevant while connecting with social media users. 



Crowdfire is a social media management tool that is free to use for up to two different accounts. It gives the user a few different options for posting relevant material across all of their social media platforms.

While using Crowdfire is an economical way to keep a consistent presence on social media by regularly posting images and articles, it also has some drawbacks that may not be suitable for people who need dramatic results.

Users can opt to sign up for the upgraded version that starts for as little as $7.48 per month. 

Crowdfire pricing



  • Crowdfire is free and easy to use
  • It curates a variety of content and images that is directly related to your campaign
  • They feature advanced analytics to monitor all platforms
  • You can use the tool for a variety of platforms
  • They offer useful social media tips for growing your account
  • Their interface is very interactive and user friendly 


  • Crowdfire only features content from users
  • This option only targets others who have a large number of followers
  • Only compatible with WordPressor Blogger with blog tool
  • You have to schedule posts individually, you can't mass create and post unless you upgrade
  • Guarantees to get you followers, but they are fake (follow-for-a-follow). 


Hootsuite is one of the leading names in social media management today. They are known for their high quality tools and multiple methods of brand promotion. In addition, they offer a free trial to help potential customers determine if it is a good fit.

Users who decide to continue with using their services have three different options for service subscriptions. The most inexpensive starts at $29 per month and allow you to use 10 profiles for a single user. 

They also offer a free plan that can manage up to 3 social profiles for 1 user only. 

Hootsuite pricing



  • Hootsuite allows users to manage all profiles from the dashboard
  • Single click reply option
  • Advanced analytics allows for tracking brand growth
  • You can manage up to 3 platforms for free
  • There is a lot of social networks supported
  • A variety of integration and apps you can install


  • Requires advanced knowledge of computers and analytics
  • May require separate instruction to be effective 
  • The free version only allows one user
  • Extra app fees
  • Extensive time to learn the entire interface 
  • If you want extra training, it will cost you $21 a month

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is an great choice for people who want a quality social media manager. They offer a 15 day free trial to help you determine if they have the features you are looking for and then give you the options to purchase a plan.

It is a user friendly site that has multiple tools and flexible scheduling to fit business or marketing company’s needs. Anyone who wants to purchase a plan after the trail can start for as little as $10 per month. Zoho Social pricing

You also have the option for a free plan (see details above or learn more here). 


  • Great for blogs, photographers, and marketing campaigns
  • Flexible scheduling tool
  • Visual Editor
  • Responsive customer support


  • May not be ideal for global companies
  • Basic analytics
  • Unable to support videos
  • Faces a lot of technical issues (I know this from experience)
  • Bad layout and interface


Buffer is a great tool for larger teams of people working on a branding or marketing campaign. It works much like the other options, but it can also allow up to 25 other team members to access according to levels with approval.

It adds a layer of security while making it easier for individuals to work on the areas they are assigned. Anyone who wants to give it a trycan use it for 7 days and has the option to upgrade for as little as $15 per month. Premium and business options are free for 14 days. 

You also ave the option to try their basic free plan with up to 3 social accounts and 10 schedules per post with 1 user. 

Buffer pricing



  • Great for teams
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Analytics and review 
  • You can mass schedule ( post the same thing multiple times )
  • You can filter your engagement analytics for a complete breakdown 
  • Tells you the best times to post 
  • You can integrate blog feeds and links 
  • Free or cheap pricing plans 


  • No Instagram integration
  • Fewer tools for monitoring activity
  • The free version is limited

Businesses and marketing agencies alike can benefit from using social media management. Try out these top options to discover which one is the best fit for your needs and can give you the tools and benefits necessary to maintain a presence on all of your social media sites. 

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