Should You Target Millennials For Your Next Event?

Are you thinking about marketing your next event to millennials?

Designing promotional materials with millennials in mind is wise because they have serious purchasing power, many of them have fervent brand loyalty, bring an incredible sense of diversity, and are often actively engaged with social media, so your event will naturally receive exposure whenever they post about it. Consider targeting millennials for your next event – you won’t regret it for a second!


What a minute… who are millennials, exactly?

Many people aren’t totally sure who falls into the millennial generation. If that’s you, not to worry – we’re happy to explain. Millennials are people born between 1981-1996, so they’re between 22-37 years old today.

  • 34% of Millennials have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 88% of Millennials live in metropolitan areas
  • Over 40% of Millennials are parents
  • Millennials account for 83.1 million of the US population

Solid purchasing power

Millennials love spending time on social media – but many also see the value in spending time (and their hard-earned money) on awesome in-person events, memories and experiences.

Most millennials grew up before the ubiquitous use of cell phones, so some treasure the opportunity to unplug and live in the moment at special events OR capture every moment for social media. So let that event be yours! Take advantage of millennials’ tremendous purchasing power by tailoring your marketing campaigns to them.

millennial purchasing power and shopping habits


Brand loyalty counts

When a Millennial purchases tickets for an event, they probably will buy tickets for another event at the same location, by the same band or theater company, or in some other way to show brand loyalty in the future.

In fact, according to “…Millennials are also the most loyal generation to their favorite brands, with just over half (50.5 percent) saying they are extremely loyal or quite loyal to their favorite brands.”

When a Millennial decides to like or follow your company, you’ve probably got a loyal follower for a long time to come. Millennials are incredibly loyal to the authentic brands they choose so make sure your company is one of them by marketing events with this generation in mind and staying 100% authentic and true to your company mission.

millennial brand loyalty stat

Diversity counts

Did you know the millennials generation is the most diverse in all of history? “Diversity defines the millennial generation,” says the Brookings Institution. It explains:


Plainly, the millennial generation is ushering in the nation’s broader

racial diversity. Overall, millennials are 55.8 percent white and nearly

30 percent “new minorities” (Hispanics, Asians and those identifying as

two or more races).


So if you want your events to host people with a wide range of racial backgrounds, targeting millennial audiences in your best bet. Millennials not only accept racial diversity – they embrace and exemplify it. Your event will be amazing with all kinds of people of different backgrounds creating a more diverse audience.


Avid social media users

When you and your team are thinking about what kinds of people you want at your upcoming events, it’s wise to focus on millennials because so many of them use social media on a daily basis.

A lot of millennials have hundreds of friends and followers on various social media sites, sometimes thousands. So if even just one person posts about your event, hundreds of more people will learn about it and perhaps purchase tickets for future events allowing you to reach a marketplace you couldn’t before.

millennials and social media stats

Most Millennials turn to social media to document their life for their family, friends and sometimes brand. If you are planning on using social media to reach this generation you should understand exactly why appearance matters to them.


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