Purplepass' Refund Options for Cancelled Events

These things happen! If you need to cancel your event, don't worry, Purplepass makes it easy to cancel, reschedule and make the necessary changes all within your account.

Promoters who need to cancel an event have a few different options they can offer to their guests.

  • Nonprofit events can use their ticket as a tax-deductible donation
  • Offer exchanges or ticket transfers to another show time and/or date 
  • “Mark an event as cancelled” in which all customers are automatically refunded and emailed an update. ** This function is irreversible. If you are using PayPal to receive funds, you will need to cancel the event on Purplepass AND refund everyone from your PayPal account directly.

mark an event as cancelled button



Changing your event date

Instead of cancelling your event, you can also update your even to a different date. 

To do this

(1) Log in to your Purplepass account

(2) select “Edit” on the event you need to change 

(3) adjust the date of your event

(4) at the top of Ticket Pricing and Options you can change the “Ticket Sales Start at” date to a date in the future

(5) scroll to the bottom and select “Update Event”


changing your event time


changing your ticket sales date



Refund an order in your account

You can apply refunds directly through
your Purplepass admin. 


FAQs about event refunds 


"How can I refund an order in the box office?"

Starting in your box office
  • Click the “Search Orders” tab
  • When you locate their order, you will see a refund button
  • Select "Refund" to refund their order
** Allow 7-14 business days for a refund to go back to the customer’s card
search order tab to find orders and select refund button

"How can I refund assigned seating?"

  • Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard
  • Select “Search Orders” in the top navigation bar
  • Locate the order and select “Refund”
** Allow 7-14 business days for refund to go back to the customer’s card

"What happens if the event is cancelled or postponed?"

If your event gets cancelled or postponed, your customers will fall within our refund policy.

If you mark your event as cancelled, all customers will receive an automatic refund. 

However, if rescheduled or postponed, you must notify your customers letting them know they will need to request or call for a refund. It is not applied automatically.

"What is Purplepass' refund policy?"

If the event is cancelled or moved to a different date, we can issue a refund minus the service charge and shipping fee (if applicable), which are not refundable.  

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on refunds.

"Will guests receive a refund if they paid by PayPal?"

If you are using PayPal to receive funds, you will need to cancel the event on Purplepass and refund everyone from your PayPal account directly.
Promoters are responsible for refunding all orders on PayPal and/or providing a way for customers to reach out to them to request a refund. 

"What is your policy on service fees?"

As per our Terms and Conditions service, service fees and shipping costs (if applicable) are non-refundable.  If an event is cancelled or moved to a different date, there is no refund on service fees.

Check out our
support pages for more answers to your questions regarding event changes. For any other questions you can also send us an email at support@purplepass.com or call us at 1-800-316-8559.



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