Creating an Event Mobile App? 5 Reasons You Should use React Native

There go the days when it was required to spend lots of money to develop native apps because React Native is here as a time-savvy and cost-effective solution to give the same quality apps you need. React Native has become one of the best technologies for cross-platform app development needs on the market.

To stay ahead of the competition, understanding the behavior and preferences of your customer is crucial. Mobile apps are a vital channel to improve customer engagement, boosting the bottom line, increasing reliability and facilitating payments.

According to Statista reports, 42% of software developers used React Native.” React Native is the most popular and widely used cross-platform mobile app development framework used by global developers. 

Nowadays, businesses prefer to choose React Native for their web app development, hybrid or native app development requirements. Each of these three technologies has its advantages relying on business needs and customer preferences.


Why choose React Native? What is it?

Current interest in today’s mobile app development industry is Facebook’s React Native. It is full-fledged and one of the most trending JavaScript frameworks that enable developers to build cross-platform mobile apps.

Going with React development, the major benefit is that for front-end development it uses native components. 

Popular React Native apps

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Skype

  • Tesla

  • Walmart

  • Discord

  • Bloomberg

It is backed by a sizeable community of professional developers, who help solve issues in the development process. So, even if you are a beginner to React Native Development, you have access to quick answers for your queries.

It offers cross-platform support as the app developed in React Native use JavaScript. Keep reading to know more reasons behind the popularity of React Native.

5 solid reasons to choose React Native for mobile apps


1. Cross-platform

Developing a separate app for different platforms is a time-taken process and requires a lot of money to spend on development.

Therefore, how it would be if you had a platform that could help you develop a single app for different platforms with ease? If you are searching for such a development framework, then React Native is the best choice for you.this-shows-two-iphones-with-text-on-them-and-a-blue-design

It enables developers to create a code compatible with all platforms. It works like a bridge between both the platforms Android and iOS. React Native uses JS to run your app on different platforms, along with improving the app performance.

It enables developers to offer the benefits of animations, native performance without writing codes in Java or Objective C. Cross-platform compatibility allows developers to save their time and cost as there is no need to develop a different app for multiple platforms.


2. Code reusability

React is an open-source framework that has enormous community support and is highly compatible with various mobile platforms. React Native is a type of mobile app development framework that involves both technologies along with a strong support system. 


The code reusability feature shows that one code can be used with different operating systems. We know that both Android and iOS are common platforms and need different coding in case of native app development. However, with React Native, you can get a native look with single coding on both the mobile OS.


3. Performance

Everyone wants to develop the app in minimum time and effort. To fulfill your time-savvy needs, React Native is the best choice. The software allows users to build their app faster without compromising the app performance.

As said earlier, apps developed using React perform the same as native apps. These apps give the same speed as the native apps. Also, the point of interest is that React Native apps leverage the benefits of GUI (Graphical User Interface) instead of only using the CPU (Central Processing Unit).  


4. Better UI/UX

Developing an app with intuitive UX and eye-catching UI is highly essential for your app's success. There is no matter what technology you are using for app development; the UI/UX of the app should be attractive and good.

React Native uses JavaScript that ensure to deliver the best mobile applications with excellent UI/UX performance.


5. Compatibility with 3rd party plug-in

Mobile app development frameworks like React Native are the future of the mobile app arena. 

As an open-source framework, React enables developers to use 3rd party plug-ins to develop mobile apps. Using these 3rd party plug-ins, developers can easily insert multiple functions in their apps. In this way, it helps developers to save their coding time required for developing different typical functions.

Final Words

React Native is a highly popular and globally used framework trusted by big business houses. It is one of the best solutions if you want to create an app with cross-platform compatibility. It offers a robust user interface and low-maintenance cost.

Finally, we can say that it is a development solution that helps in developing a sustainable app for multiple platforms at a low cost.


Twinkle-PithwaAuthor: Twinkle Pithwa

Twinkle Pithwa is a Content Crafter at Webs Optimization Software Solution, an iPhone app development company. 

Being an avid blogger, she enjoys sharing her thoughts through words. When she is not working, she enjoys travel adventures and reading literary masterpieces.


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