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Roughly 68% of Americans use Facebook, and that's just in the United States. According to Hootsuite, 2.23 billion people log in to the platform every month.

66% of these monthly users are on it daily and spend roughly 58 minutes per day on the platform.


Stats, reporting and sales alerts

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Facebook has grown into one of the most popular, used social platforms around; sitting right above Instagram.

It also consists of a broader audience, meaning it's a great tool to utilize if you are promoting an event with various age ranges. Approximately 58 million U.S. Facebook users are between 25 - 40 years old. See the age breakdown below. 

 Facebook users by age and gender


Purplepass' Facebook integration lets event promoters connect with users on this platform to help expand their awareness and social sharing per event.

The Facebook integration allows event promoters to select advanced options that work with their needs and marketing goals. 

Auto check-in options

With the auto check in, it can give your guests the option to have their tickets linked to their Facebook account.

When they arrive at your event and their tickets are scanned in, they will be automatically checked in at your event on Facebook.

On the day of your event, Facebook will light up with check-ins!

The ultimate free social marketing!

This option lets your guests keep up with their social media and share their activities with family and friends. While, at the same time, it will help grow your event’s awareness and make promoting next year easier.

Require/request guests to share their tickets

Give your guests the option to share with their friends and family that they purchased tickets to your event. 

facebook post with event location

Their Facebook post will have information about the event along with a link to buy tickets themselves.

If guests are planning to attend the event with other friends or family, this is a quick way for them to share a direct link, making the ticket-buying process easier for everyone.

Request/Require to like your page

You can request or even require your guests to “Like” your Facebook page when they are purchasing tickets.

It will present them with an alert asking them to “Like” your page during their check-out process. This is an amazing way to build your social media following quickly and automatically.



Marketing reports and data alerts

Each event has their own reports and stats based on category.

Under your marketing/social stats, you can generate reports to discover where your customers came from, how they found your event, URL tracking links, etc.

sample Facebook reporting

In these reports you can also locate your social shares for the Facebook integration.

Depending on what you have selected and/or required, you can see a complete breakdown of your customers' engagement on Facebook.

For your Facebook likes, shares and check-ins, you can see who liked, already liked, skipped (if not required), or shared.

Facebook integration options

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