7 Easy Lifestyle Changes To Embrace Your Best Life

Feeling your best and getting the most out of your day is important for success in both business and life. If you are searching for ways to improve your life by incorporating simple lifestyle changes, then consider these 7 easy tips that most people can integrate into their daily routine.

Try them for yourself and see how these small changes can make a world of a difference.

1. Do Yoga Or Stretch In The Morning

Taking part in yoga or doing a series of stretches in the morning can help you start your day and body off on the right foot. These activities can improve your flexibility and help you increase the blood flow throughout your body as well as act as a mini warm up for the day. In addition, people who stretch or do yoga in the morning perform better during the workday and get more done. 



Here are reasons you should practice yoga in the morning: 

- If you have a stressful work week, start your day off in a more relaxed state. Because we wake up to an abrupt alarm, our body is put into a more stressful state already. Instead, start the morning with yoga to switch to a more parasympathetic nervous system, turning off the stress response.

- Let yoga wake up your entire body before heading to work. By moving and feeling good first thing in the morning, we are giving our body a chance to wake up all of its systems, enhancing circulation and boosting our immune system. 

- Let yoga reduce your anxiety and increase your moods in a more positive way. It has shown a mood boost through yoga as being one of the most beneficial reasons to practice in the morning. 

- Meditating is also considered a yoga practice and might be the right place to start for some people who want to clear their mind and unnecessary thoughts; something that only takes a few minutes in the morning. 

- Just like exercising, practicing yoga first thing can give your body’s metabolism a boost along with the digestive system. Because you are getting circulation to your systems and attempting different yoga positions, your digestive system can more effectively release toxins and metabolise the vitamins from our food. 

2. Switch From Coffee To Green Tea

Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee to help you wake up and tackle the day, reach for a cup of green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and can help wake you up just as effectively as coffee without the potential for a crash later in the day. Green tea can also help you control your appetite to assist with maintaining your weight. 

health benefits of green tea


3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a simple way to ensure you are performing your best and giving your body the water it needs to properly function. Drinking enough water daily can help keep your mind and body working to the best of their ability and prevent health issues as well. 

With 60% of humans being made out of water, including our blood which is 90% water, it’s no secret why it’s important to make this apart of our diet and increase our intake. It’s been proven that simply switching from sodas to water increases weight loss, that’s how powerful water is.  

According to MedicalNewsToday we should be increasing our daily intake of water if we want to experience all the benefits it has for our bodies. 

1. Water lubricates the joints

2. Delivers oxygen throughout the body

3. It boosts skin health and beauty

4. It cushions the brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues

5. It regulates body temperature

6. Water flushes body waste and toxins out

7. It helps maintain blood pressure

8. It prevents kidney damage

9. It boosts performance during exercise

10. Helps with weight loss


4. Create A Dream Journal

A dream journal is a log of how you plan to achieve your goals and dreams in life and keeps track of the steps you are taking to get there. Write down exactly what you want out of life and frequently update the journal on any developments that happen along the way.

This is a great way to organize your approach and reflect on the process of what you are doing to reach your goals. Either write first thing in the morning before starting your day giving you time to reflect or before you go to bed. 

dream journal


5. Exercise Daily

Make sure you fit some form of exercise into your daily routine not only to stay in shape phsyically, but mentally too.

Activities such as jogging, yoga, swimming, weight lifting etc., can really make a difference in how you feel overall and have an effect on your mood sas well. 


daily exercise routine



6. Meal Prep Lunches

packed lunchesMeal prepping is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you stick to a healthy diet, plus you can save some extra cash from not eating out. Choose a day to prepare your lunches for the week and then freeze or refrigerate them appropriately. 

Everyone faces a busy work week, and it’s hard to find time to prepare lunch or you might just be exhausted. It’s recommended finding time on the weekend that works and use it to create your meals for the upcoming week. 

Not only does prepping your lunch save time, but saves your money from being put towards takeout meals. 

“The average take-outmeal costs around $5.00.5 days per week x3 meals per day x$5 per meal = $75butthis price doesn’t include anysnacks! So tack on another $2 per snack (usually 2 per day) and you are looking at $95 for the week!” - MealPrepOnFleek

meal prepping

Meal prepping comes with many amazing benefits for your life, but if there is one to focus on, it gives you control of your nutrition. Instead, on depending on takeout and restaurants to supply the right ingredients, you are now in control of what you eat as well as your portion sizes. 


7. Eat A Banana 

Eating a banana daily can have a wide variety of benefits. Most people know bananas are good for you, but they aren‘t aware of the variety of benefits it‘spacked with; they can improve your mood, provide dietary fiber, and can help regulate your appetite.

If you are in a rush and need a quick, healthy snack, a banana is always a good choice. It is pre-wrapped and can be eaten without utensils or making a mess on the go. It is the perfect snack for people who are busy and want to snack healthy. 


health benefits of banana

This fruit is one powerhouse for the nutrients our body needs. It’s loaded with essential vitamins and minerals ( potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and B6). These active ingredients will help keep your body functioning and alert, keeping you healthy and living your best life! 

Try these 7 easy tips to help you feel and perform your best every day. They will not only improve your overall health, but they will also help you tackle daily tasks and projects to help you achieve greater success and live your best life. 

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