6 Event Merchandise Products Guests Will Love in 2020

As an event planner, you're always looking for swag bag additions that your guests haven't seen before. Check out these top best selling merchandise options for 2020 to give your guests gifts they'll actually use. 


1. Customizable phone pop socket grips

You've seen these little grips popping up on people's phones lately - and they're a great way to get your company's name out there.

a woman hand carry the customize phone socket for merchandise

When you decide to go with pop socket grips as a part of your swag bag, you're making a smart decision for a few reasons:

  • The average American looks at their phone 85 times per day. Every time your attendee sees their pop socket, they'll be reminded of your event. 
  • Pop sockets are still novel enough that others will ask about it - checking out your logo in the process.
  • These little grips are washable and useable for the long haul. Your attendees won't believe how useful a pop socket is, and there's no need to replace one that works. 



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2. Customized AirPod cases with branding

AirPods are all the rage right now, and it's likely that most of your attendees at an upscale event already have a pair. An AirPod case isn't just convenient, it's necessary - it's how the AirPods charge.

a color black customize AirPod case

When you provide your attendees with a custom silicone AirPod case, you're giving them a branded way to protect one of the most exclusive pieces of technology they own. 



3. Branded stickers 

If you've done stickers in the past, you'll want to check out how the sticker printing industry has evolved in recent years.

While the standard rectangular bumper sticker still exists, promotional sticker design has come a long way in recent years.

a sample of branded stickers design for laptop and iPadToday's branded stickers provide event attendees with a way to decorate their car, laptop, office space, etc., in an attention-grabbing way.

Here's how stickers have changed:

  • The text isn't the only thing you can customize - the shape of your sticker can be tailored to your industry as well. Get creative! If you have an interesting logo shape, a die-cut sticker can be the perfect way to create something gorgeous and unique that your attendees will want to show off post-event. 
  • Go clear! Your logo or other text on a clear background is a fun way to get your message across within a minimalistic design scheme. 
  • Shape it up. Go outside the box (literally) with a triangular or circular sticker that will stand out from other promotional materials. 



4. Branded metal water bottles & straws

Branded metal water bottles and straws are the perfect on-trend swag bag addition.

Including this reusable option as one of your gifts to your attendees shows that you're eco-conscious and want to provide something that will get used time and time again.

five metal water bottles with different color

Whether you choose a sleek black or silver stainless steel bottle or decide to go with a bright hue, your attendees will use their bottles and straws for years to come. 



5. Webcam covers

Introducing one of the latest trends in event gifts; webcam covers are a great way to get your logo seen every single day.

webcam covers with different colors and logos for events

The way it works is simple: your employee sticks the webcam cover on their laptop and can move the cover to block the view of their webcam.

These handy little gadgets show that you care about security, and will remind your guests of the event every time they open their computer.



6. Branded tote bags

When your guests are packing up from your event, they need a handy way to carry their goods home.

There are a few reasons why we love providing attendees with tote bags:

a branded tote bag in white color with text, logo, and design

  • The bags get used immediately - they're not likely to get crammed into a drawer or forgotten.
  • Visibility is high. The logo on the bag can be huge, and the bag will still get used. 
  • Tote bags can up the convenience factor for you as an event planner - pre-stuffing bags makes it easy for your guests to grab and go on their way out of your event. 



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