5 Teaching Conferences your Teachers NEED to Attend

In the Fall of 2017, there were over 3.5 million full-time teachers engaging students and creating tomorrow’s next doctors, lawyers, artists, and economists. And the average teacher impacts over 3,000 students during the course of their careers. That’s a lot of lives these teachers are helping to navigate complex, wonderful subjects.

But, being a teacher isn’t easy. Being updated on all the latest education trends, understanding some deeper, more nuanced topics in education, and constantly battling a changing demographic can be taxing. Luckily, teachers aren’t alone. Did you know a percentage of those millions of teachers get together and host events to engage with each other regarding the latest teaching trends? But which ones are the best?

Here are the 5 teaching conferences that teachers should seriously consider attending.



ASCD EmpowerASCD is the de facto teaching conference that’s held annually for principles, teachers, and educators to get together and discuss the latest-and-greatest teaching techniques.

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development teaches the “Whole Child Initiative” — which is a curriculum that engages students’ minds and bodies in a healthy, productive way.

Sure! Guest speakers like Lavar Burton, Henry Winkler, and Akbar Cook are definitely a draw. But there are tons of tangible value to be gained at this conference. Having a hard time justifying a plane trip and a hotel? Here are some reasons to attend.



The teaching landscape is increasingly becoming digital. That’s why the Digital Learning Annual Conference (or DLAC) focuses on putting those digital tools to good use. Teachers can have a rough time dealing with emerging technology and leveraging that tech in meaningful ways in the classroom. After all, those computer-based learning elements are new and advancing everyday, making it difficult to justify their cost without the right digital strategies.

DLAC focuses on discussing the best techniques AND the absolute worst ways to use digital tools in the classroom. It’s fun, short, and filled with engaging guest speakers. What’s not to love?



Future of Education Technology ConferenceAnother tech-based event, Future of Education Technology Conference, is for IT pros, teachers, media specialists, and principles to come together and discuss best-practices for classroom tech.

This 4-day long conference is jam-packed with educators, guest speakers, and tech providers. Want to know why you should use that new grade tracking and measuring technology? This is the place to see the benefits of that tech in-action and get the nitty-gritty on real-life use cases from other educators.



National Education AssociationThis long-standing teaching expo goes back to the roots of teaching conferences 101.

At the National Education Association Conference, the best teachers will be announced, plenty of networking will happen, and things are primarily focused on teaching strategies — not necessarily technology and digital tools. We highly recommend this conference for teachers that want some solid in-the-classroom strategies to help them reach students more effectively.


5. Hive Summit

Hive Summit

Over the past 5 years, school funding has been cut by over 35%. So, justifying flying teachers to conferences may be difficult for your educational institution. Let’s be honest — it’s even difficult to justify in-house school events sometimes in today’s economy.

Luckily, you don’t have to consider the costs anymore. Hive Summit is a free-to-attend online teaching conference that connects educators together digitally. Last year, thousands of people attended their event. So, Hive is a rapidly growing, completely free event. That’s a win-win!

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