Ramona Hillside Players: Supporting Local Performers since 1933


After beginning in 1933 as a fundraiser by the Hemet Women’s Club, the Ramona Hillside Players was a hit! This group is here to promote only quality entertainment for their community offering live theatre productions for everyone to experience.
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Now for 77 years, the Ramona Hillside Players have entertained San Jacinto Valley with their fantastic volunteers as actors, customers, stage directors, lighting techs, producing anything from comedy to classics!

Their latest act “Buying The Moose” starts up in November 2018, written by Michael G. Wilmot.

Rob’s wife picked the most inconvenient moment to come home from a business trip. While strains of Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers play, Betty finds him wearing a tube top and awkwardly canoodling with an inflatable doll. She assumes the worst and turns to her sister-in-law, Cheryl, for comfort while his brother, Greg, comes over to set him straight. The resulting hilarious fallout brings two brothers and two couples closer together…and tattooed! What could easily be a simple dumb sex farce instead becomes an entertaining character-driven ensemble comedy piece!

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"We are a small community theater and our initial ticketing platform was hosted on our own server. It worked fine at the beginning, but we started having many problems with it and it couldn't handle our ticketing load. So we started researching alternative ticketing solutions to implement. We tested around 10 different systems to determine what would work best for us. In the end, we chose Purplepass. Purplepass had the most features, was the easiest to implement, and was the lowest cost to operate. Whenever we had questions, Purplepass was always quick to respond and help us get the support we needed. We have been very happy using Purplepass. It has allowed us to increase our online sales and is the #1 way our customers purchase our tickets after only one season. We would highly recommend Purplepass to any organization, big or small, that is looking for a ticketing service." - Shenn Sellers, Ramona Hillside Players Board.

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By working with Purplepass, they can offer an interactive seating chart for their guests to find their perfect spot for the performance.

They also offer print-at-home or will call, for the convenience of their audience. Purplepass registration is fast and easy, online or over the phone so everyone can access it. Don’t miss out on another event through the talented Ramona Hillside Players!



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