Fleet Week San Diego Hosts Many "Can't Miss" Events That Honor Military Veterans

Several San Diego area community leaders decided in 1997 that they wanted to honor the area’s military veterans. It’s clear 19 years later that they found the perfect way to do so -- an annual series of events that showcase the contributions of local Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel and help fund charities that help their families.

Fleet Week San Diego consisted of 12 events attended by tens of thousands of people in 2015. Despite the name, the events are usually held from September through November. Some events are so popular that NBC calls them “can’t miss events.” 

The Fleet Week 2016 schedule won’t be announced until the summer, but the calendar will probably again be highlighted by an air show, a tour of Navy warships, and auto racing events and exhibitions. The Miramar Air Show is the USA’s largest and includes stunts by the Blue Angels. The Navy Open House & Ship Tours is the only Navy Open House on the West Coast. The Coronado Speed Festival is held on a runway used by the Navy.

Last year, the slate of events also included a boot camp challenge, cultural and educational events, a golf tournament, a San Diego State University football game, and a re-enactment of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s landing at San Diego in 1542 as a representative of Spain.

This website will list when the Fleet Week events will be held in 2016. You can get tickets for the events at Purplepass.

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