Social Media is the Answer

Around the globe, millions of companies and businesses alike are competitively vying for consumers’ attention. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, promoting a lecture, organizing a fundraiser, or launching a new website, the need to spread the word, circulate the company name, and beat the competition to the punch is paramount. So, how do you cultivate interest with speed and efficiency while still maintaining some semblance of cost efficiency? Social media paves the way for success.

Here are four quick tips to aid in promoting your corporate venture with efficiency through the realms of social media:

  • Utilize all Appropriate Social Media Channels

Diversify your marketing strategy. Different forms of social media appeal to different target audiences, and not all consumers are frequenters of the same networks. Therefore, it’s always beneficial to advertise your event through different channels of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so that you are reaching a greater audience. Create messages or pages on each tailored towards your company’s prime objectives. Devoting time towards customizing messages for each social media channel will give you a broader consumer reach, thus increasing your event attendance.

  • Commit to a Hashtag

Hashtags are an innovative mechanism to monitor what is being said leading up to, during, and after your event on Twitter. Creating a hashtag is simply developing a key phrase, with no spaces, and putting a pound sign (#) in front of it (ex. #BikingRocks). Utilizing this social media invention allows all conversations tied to that hashtag to be viewed as a continuous stream, so you can read and analyze what your consumers thought pre and post event and even use these comments for future event promotions.

  • Responsiveness is Key

The utilization of social media networks has little impact if you are not responsive to your audience. Your consumers want to feel that you are attentive and that sought out answers can be reached quickly. Companies commonly make the mistake of severing this interactive conversation hours before or during the event, leaving the attendees without answers or insightful commentary. A great way to enhance the overall experience for your attendees is to continuously respond to their tweets during and after the event to gain helpful feedback and understanding.

  • Visually Stimulate with Video

Visual stimulation is key in the enticement of event attendees. Creating a short, engaging video to promote your event will cultivate interest faster than words alone. Your video should include necessary details about your event, the ‘who, what, where and when,’ and explain the added benefit attendees will receive, the ‘why.’ Videos are a stimulating marketing tool most likely to be watched and shared which increases your marketing reach. Once a video is created, it can easily be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and corporate websites to elevate interest.

Social media can raise your marketing strategy to the next level, inciting genuine intrigue and interest in your next event. Though many channels exist, it is imperative to adequately research each individually, thus utilizing them to their fullest and most efficient capacities. Fearing the use of social media can result in stagnant marketing development. Enhance your marketing power through the utilization of various social media networks, and you won’t be disappointed in the results.

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